Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

Word has started to get around about a group that’s travelling the nation, causing mischief, trouble, and trying to stir up hatred and animosity against our Muslim Communities in the UK.

What the English Defence League are doing is despicable! They are breeding hate and intolerance across the country and targeting Muslim communities. They’re not interested in building understanding, they’re not even interested in looking out for their fellow man. They’re just a bunch of thugs and football hooligans that believe every word in the Sun newspaper.

So it’s no secret that they are planning to protest in Bradford this summer, on 28th August. But they’re not really wanting to protest, they want to cause a clash – like the last Bradford riots, 9 years ago. And they want to get our younger Muslims jailed for actions that the EDL have provoked, whilst the EDL run away and hide!

The English Defence League is against Islam and Muslims. They are racist and this is evident in their behaviour. Foul-mouthed and with attitudes the size of the world on their shoulders, they blame Muslims for so much wrong. But in reality, these people may as well be Nazis and think they are the master race! They are linked to the British National Party, a party which has already been exposed to be racist. EDL, BNP, National Front, Combat 18 – these are all the same – different people but same objective – to rid the world of Islam and Muslims. They’re ignorant of the fact that Muslims have contributed so much to the UK, with business, culture, education and so on.

Even the Guardian and Daily Mail has picked up on the the violent nature of the EDL, which can only be seen as an extension of the BNP. See here:

And why protest in Bradford? Not many of the EDL that are coming, are actually local to Bradford. That’s the word from Bradford Council. So why have the EDL chosen Bradford? And why have they chosen to protest during the month of Ramadan? There can be no other motive except to create disorder, tension, intimidation and to provoke a riot! Bradford was unfortunately the host of riots in 2001 – and that was also caused by a planned protest. The English Defence League are well aware of this and it’s no accident that they’re targeting Bradford.

In fact, what have the Muslims of Bradford done to the EDL or to anyone in the community? What has any Muslim community done? Are they tearing down buildings and raping English women and burning down the Houses of Parliament? No, No and No! in fact Muslims in the UK are peace-loving and great people to be around – ask those of you who have Muslim friends.


The EDL is protesting against Muslims and Islam. Their view of an intolerant society is not in keeping with British society at all. Britain is a multi-ethnic country which propagates the respect of all cultures and religions. So, really, the EDL is anti-British and should be exposed as being such!

The EDL wants to provoke an incident and a civil disturbance – don’t fall into this trap and don’t play into their hands. Don’t get provoked by them but do stand up against them. Don’t get into fights with them but do speak out against them. The EDL are only allowed to voice their views. So do the same. Don’t let their accusations be left unchallenged. Let them know that they are not welcome in Bradford nor Britain!

But do not fight them. Rather point the police in their direction – that’s what the police are there to do.

There will be a counter protest, which is being held by United Against Facism, basically saying the EDL are not welcome in Bradford. Read about them here: and here:

In fact we need to go a step further and say the EDL are not wanted in Britain and they should leave Britain!

Don’t leave the EDL unchallenged. Stand up 4 Islam and Muslims!
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  1. This is really very interesting article, I am going to bookmark it and I will come back to read more stuff from ur site

  2. Andrew says:

    Prior to reading this post I had no idea that the EDL even existed. Pretty sad that such things exist in this day and age…

    • maverick says:

      Yes – I only became aware of them a short while ago – they have some really obscene and racist footage and website – it’s really disheartening to know that there are people around who feel so strongly that they would seek to demonise and tread on their fellow men and women. They have no respect for people.

  3. […] I have written about the EDL before: English Defence League show their true racist colours in Bradford, UK! Don’t fall into the English Defence League trap! […]

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