Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

There has been so much media attention lately on a piece of cloth. That’s right, a piece of cloth.

What harm is a piece of cloth to anyone? Well apparently, to some, it’s offensive and degrading and against human rights.

What are we talking about? We’re talking about the Burka (and Niqaab).

The Burka is a face veil, worn by Muslim women throughout the world. They’ve been wearing this for over 1400 years, as a sign of their faith and to follow the Commandments of God. There are many many Muslim women who are happy to wear the burka, understand the freedom it gives them, understand the respect it gives them, as opposed to the non-Muslim culture of exploiting women and living a life that is seemingly ‘free’ and ‘liberal’.


Yes, that’s right, the burka respects and protects women – it doesn’t exploit them nor make them second class citizens. It helps to maintain the value of women, their beauty, their respect, their honour, by protecting women against the abusive behaviour of others, protecting them from sexism, chauvinism and bias.


They say the burka is cruel and invasive – how?

They say the burka is about keeping the woman subdued and oppressed – yet many thousands and millions of Muslim women, who wear the burka, don’t complain of this.

They say that wearing the burka is humiliating – who says? Muslim women who wear the burka? No. It’s women who don’t wear the burka, men and women who aren’t Muslim, men and women who haven’t taken the time to understand the issues and benefits of the burka. Men and women who have little respect for Islam. And they get those so-called scholars, whom they have influence over, to declare some ruling publicly that the burka is not Islamic, just to justify their position. These so-called scholars have no right to try to change laws in Islam and mis-lead people.

They say the burka restricts communication. Burkas have been worn by Muslim women in many institutions in the middle east – hospitals, law courts, schools, universities – this has never been a problem. So why are you trying to turn it into a problem? How is it a problem? Why should Muslim women change? Why can’t non-Muslims just change their attitude towards Muslim women?

They say that the burka is segregative and stops women from participating in society. How? There are many Muslim women in the UK, who wear the burka and hold professional roles and are contributing to society. So why the scaremongering? Shouldn’t a Muslim woman be able to choose who she interacts with? Should a Muslim woman, or even any woman, open herself up to the whole of society? Where is the respect for women in the modern world, in a non-Muslim society?


So where’s this coming from? Why do non-Muslims feel the need to come to the defence of women who haven’t asked for their help, don’t need their help, don’t want their help and don’t agree with the ideals of these non-Muslims?

This isn’t about women’s rights. It’s about the worldwide hatred and intolerance towards Islam and Muslims.

This is just another example of Islamophobia! People judging us and treating us unfairly and acting as though they know what is better for the Muslims, than the Muslims themselves!

The wearing of clothing is, on top of this, a personal choice. What right does France or anyone in the world have to impose their values on someone else? Impose their choices on anyone else? I don’t see anyone complaining of Sikh turbans, or even the small swords that devout Sikhs carry on their person, as part of their religion. Surely that’s more of a threat than anything – to go around armed? So why the double standards?

The vast majority of people who are complaining against the burka are those who haven’t even come across it in real life, have never had to deal with a Muslim woman who wears the burka – so why are they talking about something they have no experience of, no dealings of and where the burka doesn’t even affect their lives?

On top of this, Muslim women have been wearing the burka for decades in the western world and for hundreds of years in the Muslim world. We’ve gotten by without any major problems before. So why make such a fuss about it now?

Simple – people in the world look down on Muslims and Islam. They give way to their prejudices, discrimination, biases, racism and intolerance. So we don’t need to be saved from the Burka. Rather, we need to be saved from people with these kinds of attitudes.

Leave our Muslim women alone. Muslims and Islam has been around for centuries and been the height of civilisation, when the western world was in the dark ages. How can you accuse Islam and Muslims of being degrading to women, when we have put the woman at the centre of our society, we have raised women’s rights to a new level, we have female scholars who have guided many of the rulings established in Islam, we have women role models who are amongst the best in the history of the world – women like Mary (Mother of Jesus).

Learn about Islam before your start to criticise it and try to interfere in Muslims’ lives. Respect the way that Muslims live. Anyone who disagrees with the Burka would never in their life, agree to anyone imposing their will on them. So why do it to Muslims?

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  1. oneofthirty says:

    While the suggestion that the burqa has something to do with Islam is wrong, the need for legislating against an item of clothing is nothing but fear mongering.

  2. seriously, people who know nothing about Islam should mind their own business! muslim women dont need anyone protection ESPECIALLY when it comes to Non Muslim. we cant stand by our feet n we are not been oppressed by Islam or Men. We are the one who willing to wear hijab, niqab, burqa n so on. we wear this piece of cloth not please any human but to PLEASE OUR CREATOR Allah SWT and ourselves for being a Muslim.and ALSO ITS MY RIGHT TO WEAR HIJAB! no one can take it off from me! no one!!


  3. Servant of Allah says:

    Western world says that women need freedom, islam does not give freedom! They want colse gatherings for men-women, they want women to come to mix with men and all others. They hate islam because islam doesn’t permit it. Actually they want women to come closer to them for sex, rap etc. They want to have more divorces rather than happy families. They want other’s wife to entertain them full night. That’s they call freedom! They want our mothers,sisters,wives for entertaining them! They doesn’t care if their wives are also be raped by someone else! Because they have lots of girls to sex with everynight(night club is common to them). But islam will never permit their ‘”colse to women for touching their secrect parts'” wishes.

  4. […] We don’t need to be saved from the Burka! […]

  5. rihla0454 says:

    The burqa and its ideals are very respectable. The concept of women protecting their dignity and virtue is actually something needing to be regained in our modern society. It’s actually admirable that women are claiming their dignity back with such dress. The issue I’m running into, though, is not the women, but the men’s treatment of the women. Why do hundreds of men over New Years have the right to disrespect, grope, and molest women in public?
    Is it only the women who are supposed to be upholding the dignity of human life, instead of the men who are supposed to be the leaders before them?
    Looking at the leader of any group/religion/organization will give all of the followers a taste of where it is going. A leader who disrespects women and even conveniently bypasses the law he is supposed to be promoting is not one at all. When a leader gets “special permission” to break the law, then what follower should be required to keep it, if he is trying to “follow the leader” anyway? There must* be a leadership of full obedience for the leadership to even be considered as such. Otherwise the leadership is (subtly) established disobedient and so will be all of the followers.
    The only security we have is in finding the perfect leader, obedient in all of his ways. Then we can be good followers and be protected in that good dignity and proper behavior, upholding and promoting life.

    • maverick says:

      There are restrictions on men’s treatment of women. Any abuse is not allowed in Islam. This is something that is an obligation on every man, not just leaders. However we already have the perfect role model in our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

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