Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

Saturday, 28th August 2010: It’s plain for all to see that the English Defence League weren’t out to campaign about human rights, or their rights in this country, or even the safeguarding of their culture. That was just a front.

Instead, they came out in numbers (but not the thousands that they claimed would turn up) and started to chant anti-Islam and racist remarks. This was not a protest – it was a chance for the EDL to show their anger, their intolerance and their violence! They threw bricks, bottles and smoke bombs – what does that prove, except that the EDL are a bunch of mindless thugs, who preach hate in the country. They should be arrested for this – Muslims have been arrested and deported for inciting hatred – so what about the EDL? Why should they roam free, causing chaos around the country?

It is a FACT that there has always been trouble whenever the EDL demonstrate!

Look at the mischief they cause:

The EDL chanted “We love the floods”, referring to the floods that has devastated Pakistan. Millions of people around the world, and hundreds of thousands (if not more) in the UK, have shown their concern for what has happened in Pakistan, and sent money, food, clothes etc as aid. So why chant such a horrendous thing? Why laugh at people who are suffering in the world? Do we really want people like this living in our neighbourhoods, in our country? They chant this because they are racist and have no heart for anyone but themselves. They are selfish and evil people, demonising and victimising innocent people, showing their contempt and hatred for Islam and Muslims, who make up one fifth of the world’s population!

The EDL chanted “Allah is a paedo” – astagfirullah. They show so much animosity towards Islam and our deen. Does this demonstrate any kind of intelligence on the EDL’s behalf? Does this show any respect at all for one of the major religions in the world today? Does this show peaceful intent?

The EDL clash with British Society – they are not British, they are brutes! Don’t believe me, just look at their behaviour, which speaks for itself.

The EDL threw bottles, bricks and smoke bombs. Smoke bombs!! So they came prepared and intent on causing mayhem and violence.

They came to provoke the Muslims, hoping to spark off another riot, similar to what happened in Bradford in 2001. They chose to ‘protest’ in the month of Ramadan. They chose to show their intolerance and hatred in Bradford, which has one of the largest Muslim communities in the UK. Why? They did all this on purpose. When they were rallying other EDL supporters, they claimed the Bradford event to be ‘the big one’ – no doubt they wanted to invoke such a disturbance that would outshadow all the good work the Bradford community has done to recover from the last race riots in 2001.

There are many non-Muslims in Britain who will stand up against the EDL, who do not agree with the EDL’s racist views and will defend Muslims and Muslim communities. I am pleased to see that there are so many people in the UK who can see right from wrong, where the EDL are concerned.

Muslims also stand up against the EDL and this is good to see – but do not stoop to the lowly level of the EDL. Muslims are not uncivilised like the EDL. Muslims should not act like the EDL – they should act better but also let the EDL know that we will not be walked over!

I applaud the people of Bradford, the Muslims and others who came to support those who spoke out against the English Defence League.

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