The Real Terrorist – Pastor Terry Jones, extremist and fundamentalist

Posted: September 4, 2010 in Standing up against Wrongdoings, Terrorists against Islam
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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

UPDATE: SIGN THE PETITION AGAINST THE BURNING OF THE QUR’AN – This is the least you can do! 1 million signatures are needed:

Here’s the face of a terrorist – and he should be ashamed!

Terry Jones is a preacher/pastor of a ‘church’ in Florida, America (not to be confused with Terry Jones of Monty Python fame). He claims to be Christian but there is nothing Christian about what he advocates. He’s calling for an International Day of burning the Qur’an – how sick and intolerant is that, especially from a so-called Christian. What a disgraceful thing to do!

Has he thought of the millions of innocent Muslim men, women and children who will be attacked and offended in this act of his? Has he considered that this could contribute to racist attacks on innocent Muslims? Has he, and his misguided followers at the Dove World Outreach Center, even considered the effect it will have on the Muslim community? Does he even care?

These are the actions of a man without morals and who is far away from the teachings of the Prophet Jesus (upon him be peace). This is an act of terrorism against the Muslim world, against millions of people!

Not only is this act a disgrace, so is the man himself. Recently, this fundamentalist, Pastor Terry Jones was arrested for child pornography – it seems that Allah Has Exposed this terrorist for the disgraceful man that he is.

Regardless of the arrest, it does not change the vile behaviour of this man and his hatred towards the Muslims. He cannot say that he is against Islam but not the Muslims – this is ludicrous!

If you disagree with Pastor Terry Jones’ demonisation of Islam and his calling to burn the Qur’an, declare this publicly and expose this man for what he is! Stop him from doing this and pressure him to apologise publicly for inciting hatred against millions of Muslims. And declare that what this fundamentalist is doing, is wrong and that he does not thereby belong to Christianity.

What better way to denounce Pastor Terry Jones than by declaring that he is not a Christian, is not acting in a Christian way and that you speak out against him and his followers. Post this on his facebook site and let him know of the disgust the world feels at this inhumane act of his. Turn up at his Dove World Outreach Centre and protest against his actions, explain to him that what he is doing is barbaric!

Also, let him know that Muslims are bigger than this and he cannot harm Islam nor Allah. Instead, he is inviting Allah’s Punishment on him!

My Brothers and Sisters in the US
This is happening on your doorstep! Do not let this go unchallenged. Campaign against this offensive act and let everyone know that Muslims are not easy targets, that Islam should be respected, that Pastor Terry Jones is trying to spread an act of evil around the world.

Tell us what support you need from Muslims across the world – we can’t all be there with you but we can help in whatever way we can.

Stand Up 4 Islam!

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Muslims in Indonesia Stand Up 4 Islam:

Tracy Solomon Stands Up against Wrongdoing!

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  1. As Salaam Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

    Dear brother in Islam,

    I enjoyed this article, however, I would like to take issue with something.

    You said,
    “He claims to be Christian but there is nothing Christian about what he advocates.”

    That all depends on what interpretation of Christianity. The pacifist theology that is popular today has not always be part of the orthodoxy. Do not forget that when the Christians conquered Jerusalem and they were slaughtering the inhabitants and the blood was running knee-high to their horses they were chanting something to the effect of Jesus be glorified with their slaughter.

    In my opinion Christianity should not be absolved of the crimes of Terry Jones.

    • maverick says:

      I fully understand what you are saying brother. Christianity has not always been pacifist. I think the majority or mainstream thinking in Christianity, today, tends to be pacifist. However, there are a number of radical Christians as well. And, as you say, the history shows otherwise a well with the Crusades.

  2. The Real Terrorist ? Pastor Terry Jones, paedophile and fundamentalist…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  3. naeem says:

    These islamophobists have really gone insane. They call muslins radica. they themselves are the biggest hardcore radicals on face of this world.

  4. Qasim says:

    i just want to say that this sick minded ugly man want to get some attraction in the media world,U.S government should take some action against him,and stop him to do this nasty act,otherwise this act wil burn the whole world…..

    • maverick says:

      Wa alaikum salaam – he’s got media attention but it’s down to us to give him the media attention he deserves – that he is exposed to be the fraud that he is and that he isn’t interested in peace, or respecting his fellow man at all.

  5. Abdul-Aziz ibn Aswad says:

    Although the act of burning Qur’an is intended to defame and inflame Muslims, and I accept it as that there is a smarter, more strategic course of responses:
    1. Have 114 hafiz’ul Qur’an go to Gainesville and each recite Qur’an while the burning is going on. Show “pastor Whathisname” that his vane attempt at destroying the Qur’an is just that, in vane. Allah (SWT) has promised to protect the Qur’an in the hearts of the believers.
    2. Take some Qur’an’s that are dog-eared and ready to be destroyed to the “pastor”. Burning is the prescribed means of disposing of Qur’ans so he will be helping us.
    3. Let’s call his bluff. Have a hafiz volunteer to heve the “pastor” set him/her on fire. If the “pastor” is so committed to getting rid of Qur’an let us test his commitment.

    • maverick says:

      Some interesting suggestions these – you’re right, what he doesn’t realise is that thousands of Muslims, if not more, have memorised the Qur’an, hundreds of thousands, if not more, have memorised some Surahs, and millions have memorised at least one Surah – he can’t burn our minds and our memories

      • Robberty says:


        Do not worry ; how can the bites of this tiny fly damage the great edifice which is Islam ?

        Do see, too that the SAME Religious freedom which ties President Obama’s hands [he has no power to stop Silly Terry] –
        that SAMR religious freedom allows American Muslims to open a center in downtown New York [there are a few other mosques nearby].

        Eid Mubarrak – and remember that the vast majority of Americans are with you – not with that silly old man, with his tiny mind.

      • maverick says:

        Thank you for your comment – true this man has caused worldwide concern but in the end, he is still insignificant

    • Robberty says:

      Dear Abdul-Aziz ibn Aswad
      Just laugh at that silly old man, with his tiny church and his tiny sick mind.
      A fly cannot damage the edifice that is islam can it.

      Eid Mubarrak – forget that fool.

  6. dmacc502 says:

    I hope he changes his mind. I have a bad feeling about this act. It is so wrong in every way.He can’t call his self a Christian.

    • maverick says:

      I hope so too but with the amount of profile this has been given worldwide, he may be too proud to do that. And he will have supported who are ‘bigging’ him up even though they are deluded by hate

  7. anne young says:

    how would this so called christian terry jones like it if a group of people went into his church and burned all the bibles. the muslims have a right to worship as they want to just like baptists, etc worship like they want to

  8. mimi tura says:

    i think this terry jones is related to same group of timothy mcveigh-he is leading militia movement against us government and against moslems -so one rock hits 2 birds at same time

  9. Brase says:

    Muslims must resort back to the Quran and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet. Evil like this satanic mad creep are hell bound. Lets unite and read, understand and implement the Quran and we will be victorious.
    Dont waste any more time on such Dajjals and he is not the only one the Gogs and Magogs are plenty.

    • maverick says:

      This is one the most important and crucial points for Muslims today. We need to refer back to the Word of Allah in the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Only by doing that will we be united. This is an obligation on every Muslim – read and understand your deen. Ensure that whatever you learn is originally from Qur’an and Sunnah – not misconceptions, not twisted interpretations and meanings – authentic hadiths.

  10. Celeste says:


    I am Humanist (not christian or Muslim) but I have lived in Europe, Saudi Arabia, and the USA. I have friends of several religious and respect them all equally.

    I agree that Terry Jones IS a terrorist and should be punished, please do not judge us all by this vile mans actions..

    I have great Muslim friends and it hurts me that they have to suffer this kind of racist behavior, and I hope and try every day to live in a better world!


    • maverick says:

      Thank you for your comment and kind words. Certainly I will not stoop to Terry Jones’ level and judge everyone by the low standards that he has set. There are a lot of good people in the world however we must question Terry Jones’ character. There are thousands and thousands of people who are protesting against his campaign – some prominent figures have also come forward to denounce what he is planning to do. With all this being sent his why, why is he not heeding the good judgement and advice of others?

    • Robberty says:

      it hurts me too [though I am atheist] ; I have close muslim friends, and I hate to see their unhappiness.
      Of course , Islam cannot suffer from the buzzing of a tiny fly.
      Eid Mubarrak ; forget that silly old man.

  11. ray says:

    i want to say something to this man .sir iam not a muslim but i know paster should be a loving and caring person ,your face look like a nazi and your attention is full of hatered,,why you are a paster any way,you look like a criminal

  12. Tony says:

    Islam is NOT a race; it is a religion or ideology… so those who oppose are not ‘racists’. They may be horrible, but that is no excuse for rubbishing the English language. Race comes from parents (DNA etc). Religion comes from inteligent choice (one hopes!).
    My wife’s friend FEARS spider – arachnoPHOBIA. Phobia is FEAR, not hate. Should Islam be feared – like a spider? Some may hate Islam, but once more lets not use language ignorantly – it just blurs the real issues!

    • maverick says:

      I accept your comments about the use of English here. Yes it would be more accurate to say Islamophobia however this only suggest a fear of Islam where the Pastor is also preaching hate.

    • Alif says:

      Islam is Faith, Muslims have faith and real issues are , Ignorant and uneducate people are trying to hijack and corrupt Islam which we Muslims don’t like.

  13. Robberty says:

    You must have pity on Saint Terry Jones !
    he has a tiny church, and an even tinier mind.

    He has cooked up the stunt of blackmailing American Muslims about planning a religious center a few blocks from Ground Zero [his religious freedom guarantees THEIR religious freedom !]

    If he was a real Christian, he would be sending funds to relief to Pakistan ; he would be working to ensure pure water round the world – and to abolish Slavery [which still exists]

    Ah – it’s a difficult life when you are a self-appointed Bishop, or cardinal, or Pope – and have not even the sense you were born with !

  14. Robberty says:

    I must say that if you Stand up 4 Islam –
    I do hope you Stand up 4 the Islam of Ahmadis in Pakistan ; their right not to be harrased .

    • maverick says:

      I do stand up 4 Islam. However, Ahmadis are not classed as Muslims and are not part of Islam, so their issues will have to be taken up elsewhere I’m afraid. This is not an issue for debate here but Ahmadis believe in a prophet after Muhammad (pbuh) – which is wrong because Islam declares that there is no God but Allah alone and that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is His Messenger and the LAST Messenger and Prophet. Until Ahmadis renounce this major wrong, I won’t be supporting them.

      • Robberty says:

        Will you support the Harassing of Ahmadis ?

        Since they are created by Allah – I suggest you do not support that even one hair of the head of a creature created by Allah
        is harmed.

      • maverick says:

        This is not an appropriate comment for this post – maybe insha’Allah I will do a post one day on Ahmadis and we can discuss this there. At the moment, all I will respond is that you will need to explain what harassing is done – I won’t post any further comments on this topic here but would be interested in knowing where you are coming from.

        Also, when speaking about Allah, I choose to follow, to my best ability and despite my flaws, Allah and whatever Pleases Him.

  15. Robberty says:

    Breaking News :
    “Super-Pastor swoops into New York ”

    Super-Pastor Terence Jones is now flying to New York

    to continue his Chicago-Gangster blackmail of the Imam !

    The self-important Archbishop of Gainsville is going to . . . .
    who can guess what that sill old man will do next ?

    If the Imam chooses to lie to him – I applaud the Imam . Wise is the Imam who will tell a hundred lies – if it will save the rest of the world from the Harm which Pastor Terry Jones is plotting .

  16. Robberty says:

    “Terrorism comes not from the Christian West, nor fromthe Islamic East,
    but from the hatred in men’s hearts.”
    Cast aside Racism, religious discrimnation, political violence.
    Remember your own humanity, and the humanity of every other person on Earth .

  17. B.J says:

    ( Pastor) Terry Jones Is A FRAUD Like 95% Of The PROSPERITY Cult PASTORS Like Benny “Real Name Is “Bendictus/Joseph”Hinn,Copeland,Swaggarts,Mel Mullen,Henry Hinn,Paul/Jan Crouch,Cal/Jan Switzer,Todd Bentley!!

    They STEAL Your Tithes “Offerings” For Their Own Wealth For NEW CARS,HOUSES,House Boats,Airplanes,Clothes Etc

  18. Robberty says:

    Well said , BJ.
    Pastor Terry was dismissed from a Church group in Germany because > he was too unChristian, and always wanted to be the focus of attention.
    He was also fined $3800m by the German authorities for posing as Doctor T Jones – a title to which he had no right.

    The only thing I hate is > Hatred [which Pastor silly Terry has plenty of] ; hatred is followed by hypocrisy – pretending that some of God’s “children” are inferior to others, and should therefore suffer discrimination [be it religion, Politics, sexuality, Race, colour of skin, fatness – etc etc].

    Life is too short , and too difficult a struggle (for millions of folk), to waste our energy in hatred, instead of helping all our Human Brothers and Sisters.

  19. tery john’s act is dengreous for all over the world ,respect other religions holy book

  20. Robberty says:

    Is it a plane ?
    Is it a bird ?

    No ! it is Pastorman [also known as SuperPastor]
    flying round the world to set right
    -the idiotic Wrongs which he himself caused.
    He changes –
    his mind, again and again.

    And so we say Bye-bye , to that tiny-minded
    Archbishop of Gainsville !!

  21. Robberty says:

    I cannot help thinking that I
    and you
    have been wasting our valuable time , worrying, panicking and fuming for a few days
    about nothing much . We enjoyed giving attention to a Nothing, silly, mindless bigot, who was seeking our attention.

    There are so many more important matters in the World:
    Child Poverty, resulting for many in sex-trade
    Poverty for many people
    Shortage of safe, clean water
    Supply of food where there are droughts or floods
    Urgent help needed where there are disasters – such as the floods in Pakistan and India.
    Ongoing need for rebuilding of these areas , as of Haiti
    and so on

    I think I ahve been rather selfishly indulging my ager against a silly old man [who will soon be forgotten]
    – when Human brothers and sisters all over the World need to be thought about .

    Love to you all.

  22. B.J And Kim says:

    Yes He Is A FRAUD YES FRAUD Just Like Calvin/Janice “Miller” Switzer “victory(christian) But Honestly A CULT YES CULT!!!!!!!!!!!! That STEALS,CHEATS Your $$$$$$$$$”Tithes” For NEW CARS,HOUSES,CLOTHES Etc !!

    “The TRUTH SHALL BE SPOKEN ABOUT THE FRAUDS WE HAVE TOO” Ex members/Staff told Us This Truth Since 1993 But We Finally Saw The Real Light We Were In A CULT Of FRAUDS “Cards”

  23. Javed Iqbal says:

    Dear. Almighty Allah is the real protector of Holy Quran. Quran is protected in the hearts of million of Muslims and their number is growing all the time. The ugly man is just trying to come into media otherwise millions of christians have also condemned the act

  24. drew says:

    peter jones is a disgrace to mankind

  25. Shakeel Ahmed Gillani says:

    Assalam u Alaikum
    dear, Almighty Allah is the true protactor of Quran but it is also our duty to take action this wild act by every righty means.

  26. Yep We Are Seeing The TRUTH In Lots Of These So Called Faith Healers/Pastors Even Our “Church” STEALS Your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ For Their Own Wealth.

    Bj And Kim And Many Other EX STAFF That SAW The TRUTH SINCE 1997 Told Us Too Say This TRUTH About The leader Of This Sect”Church”

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