Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

Some of you will by now be familiar with my blogs on the terrorist activities of the EDL (English Defence League). If not, I will list the links at the bottom of this post but there’s a wealth of information about the EDL on the web.

So the EDL came to Leicester on Saturday 9th October 2010 and, again, were sent packing by the locals and those who came to defend the communities and stood up against the evil ways of the EDL. Yes, there’s no other way to describe the EDL – they are EVIL (Evil Defence League). In Leicester, as they did in Bradford on August 28th 2010, the EDL protestors threw smoke bombs at the police. Some also ran away from the protest area and ended up clashing with Asian youths.

Reports about the EDL’s despicable behaviour in Leicester:


Wherever the EDL have gone, they have caused trouble for those communities, stirred up and incited hatred and caused damage to community relations, insulted people and their religion, and caused mayhem. On top of that, it costs the UK taxpayer millions (yes, millions) in policing, preparing for the EDL protests and then trying to bring peace and order to these communities after the EDL have left. The Bradford protest preparations alone are amounting into millions of pounds (if you’re not convinced, send in a Freedom of Information request to Bradford Council or West Yorkshire Police). This level of disruption should not be allowed to continue. There is a line to be drawn between protesting peacefully and inciting hatred and violence. The EDL have proven time and time again that they are not peaceful, they are violent. They do not promote peace but incite hatred towards Muslims.

How many times does the Home Secretary have to ban a march by the EDL? Why even impose a ban unless there was the threat of violence, of public safety being at risk? This is ridiculous! There is a limit to freedom of speech and the EDL have crossed it time and time again. It’s time that the government banned groups like the EDL and the BNP (British National Party), or even arrested them for inciting hatred. You cannot allow freedom of speech when that speech clearly leads to people taking up violence to drive out and persecute others. Or is that we turn a blind eye when Muslims are persecuted?

With the new terrorism laws, there have been a number of Muslim clerics who have been arrested for inciting hatred – some have even been deported from the UK. This was done on very little evidence. Now here is the EDL, inciting hatred, clearly racist and demonstrating with violence – many a video on YouTube testifies to the violent and extreme nature of the EDL. There is more evidence here than was used against Muslims in the ‘fight against terrorism’. What about the terrorism of the EDL? There is much concern about the issue of home-grown terrorists in the UK. Well, wake up everyone, EDL members are your terrorists and your extremists and your fundamentalists!

Why is there a double standard by the government here? Does the government actually agree with the EDL’s actions? Are they secretly happy to allow the EDL to go from city to city, from town to town, from community to community, spreading their hatred of the Muslims? If they aren’t, then why aren’t they taking the same action against these terrorists, that they do against ‘Muslim terrorists’? What’s their excuse this time?

Enough of these double standards. Ban the EDL!

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Previous Terrorist activities by the EDL

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  1. saqib67 says:

    Salaams brother

    We also need to be critical of the police tactics on the day and the collusion with the Council to use scare tactics against all the communities but esp Muslims not to attend.

    Our elders & councillors who supported this line need to hang their heads in shame & respect to those youth – men & women who came out in Highfields and in town

    • maverick says:

      Salaams brother.

      Not sure about what was the best thing to do with regards to Muslims youth.

      I agree that we need to stand up against thugs like these and let them know that they aren’t welcome and aren’t wanted and that it does us no good to be tucked away in our homes, letting the EDL run riot.

      At the same time, I wouldn’t want anything to kick off with the Muslims and for Muslims to get hurt, arrested and sent down for something that the EDL have caused. This is what the EDL wanted in Bradford and what happened in Bradford years ago.

      Councillors have their own agenda, as do the Police and others. The key thing is for the Muslim ummah to stand united, strong and not to be bullied.

  2. wildan says:

    I must say that this post is the most relevant article I’ve ever read and saw. It’s a great help to everyone who is looking for this information.

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