It’s about time Muslims…

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Standing up against Wrongdoings, Unity
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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

It’s about time Muslims…

…put Islam and Allah first and stopped pleasing the kuffar!

…stood up for Islam and stopped the oppression of the rulers!

…stopped negotiating with kuffar and started to put them in their place!

…accepted the Prophet (pbuh) as the LAST Prophet and stopped those who claim otherwise!

…helped other Muslims to understand the truth with kindness and stop misguidance!

…started to put aside petty differences and stopped the insults against us!

…Sisters stopped pointing the finger at brothers and Muslim brothers stopped pointing the finger at sisters – we are garments for each other!!

…stopped acting like everyone is a scholar and started learning Islam properly!

It’s about time Muslims…

…protected their women and stopped the kuffar from disrespecting them!

…learnt Islam from authentic sources and stopped following blindly!

…learnt from the first 3 generations of Muslims & stopped worshipping dead people & graves!

…respected the truth and disrespected falsehood!

…started to learn from the Prophet (pbuh) & stop learning from uneducated wicked scholars!

It’s about time Muslims…

…united like they are united at HAJJ and stopped the oppression that is inflicted on them!

…love what Allah Loves and hate what Allah Hates!

…started to read Qur’an and Pray and stopped watching so much TV!

…started to defend the honour of other Muslims and stop acting like weaklings!

…woke up and realised who the real enemy is and stop bickering amongst themselves!

It’s about time Muslims…

…practised REAL Islam and stopped watering it down for the non-Muslims!

…made decisions that helped Muslims & stop non-Muslims thinking they know wots best for us!

…started to sort out their problems and unite and stop letting the kuffar interfere!

…realised they are strong in numbers and weak with division!

…stopped celebrating Christmas and Easter and Diwali and started to celebrate Eid ONLY!

It’s about time Muslims…

…started to help other Muslims and stop backbiting and fighting them!

…started to learn Islam and stop learning innovations and hearsay about Islam!

…started to follow Allah and His Prophet (pbuh) and stop following their desires!

…stood up against the pathetic governments ruling them and stopped voting them in!!

…started acting like Muslims and stopped imitating the kuffar!!

It’s about time Muslims…

…started acting like Muslims and Stopped acting like Christians!

…started acting like Muslims and stop acting like Jews!

…started acting like Muslims and Stopped acting like every other faith!

…started sorted Muslim and Islamic affairs. Not non-Muslims!

…started to learn from Qur’an and Sunnah and stop following pirs/maulvis/sufis blindly!

It’s about time Muslims…

…stood up for Islam and stopped hiding behind the TV!

…stood up for Islam and stopped apologising for it!

It’s about time the world realised that the truth is with Islam and Truth will always prevail!


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  1. zainab says:

    It is definately time. To teach, educate and empower ourselves. May Allah guide us right

  2. IslamicChamper says:

    Reblogged this on The Islamic Champer and commented:
    Something seriusly to think about !

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