Terrorists! Fundamentalists! Extremists! Who…? The EDL!! (English Defence League)

Posted: November 27, 2010 in Terrorists against Islam
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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Those idiots are at it again!

Creating mischief, mayhem, fear and ignorance wherever they go! They are ruffians, troublemakers, bigots, the dregs of society!

They are the EDL – the notorious English Defence League.

You may have heard of them. If you haven’t be warned – they spread nothing but hatred and supremacy in favour of ‘British’ people; meaning ‘white’ people (even though they have their token Indian member!! Poor guy, doesn’t even know when he’s being used!). The EDL is an ANTI-ISLAM, ANTI-MUSLIM group, full of louts and thugs and football hooligans. They have been campaigning across the country and caused upheaval, stress in communities, created divides amongst peaceful people, and spread fear and hatred of Islam and Muslims wherever they have gone. They verbally abuse and attack Muslim men, women and children. They hold nothing sacred except their own Nazi-like, supremacy values. They supported the burning of the Qur’an, the banning of the burka, the ridicule of our Muslim women, attack our Masjids and caused fights within the towns and cities that they have visited.

Does the EDL represent you? Is this the kind of behaviour you want to be known for? If so, SHAME ON YOU!

The EDL are holding demonstrations on Saturday 27th November 2010 in Preston, Peterborough and Nuneaton as well. They made a surprise visit to Wolverhampton, last week on Saturday 20th November 2010 and were quickly dispatched by the Police. Stall holders in Preston have already said that they will be closed during the demonstration by the EDL – look at the fear that is spreading with the very mention of this facist, extremist, right wing group!

I commend the Muslims and non-Muslims who actually do turn up and demonstrate AGAINST the EDL. I commend the Hope Not Hate campaign and the United Against Facism group, who are actually doing a lot of leg work against the EDL.





How much more of this despicable and disgusting behaviour do we have to put up with – all in the name of Freedom of Speech??? If a Muslim cleric was chanting the kind of things that the EDL chant, he would have been arrested, locked up and sent to Guantanamo Bay under terrorist charges. Just look at the double standards on portray here for all to see.

Where’s the terrorist squad now? Why aren’t they doing something about the EDL and keeping our streets safe from them? Why aren’t there any sentences and court cases brought against EDL members who incite hatred and violence in each and every demonstration they have held? Why? Why? Why?

If the roles were reversed and it was Muslims who were holding demonstrations, we probably wouldn’t even get THAT far! We would probably have all been arrested and banged up in a cell, awaiting an unfair court trial with no definite date of release, with no word to our families of our whereabouts, with an extremely stiff sentence for doing nothing more than speaking. That’s what would have happened to Muslims under the terrorist laws of this country.

So why don’t these laws apply to the English Defence League? From where I see it, they do apply but the authorities are choosing not to do anything about it. Where’s the justice in this? There isn’t any when it comes to Muslims.

Everyone is quick to jump whenever anyone even squeaks something anti-semetic! Everyone is quick to condemn whenever there’s anything said against the ‘6 million jews killed in the second world war’. Why isn’t the same being applied to Anti-Islam, Anti-Muslim groups like the English Defence League, the National Front, the British National Party?

Do you not see the hypocrisy here?

It’s time Muslims, non-Muslims, those who would see and support justice, started to stand up and stand against this behaviour. And I’m not talking only about the EDL and groups like them. I’m talking about the Government, the Police authorities, the Home Office, the judicial system – all of these have a hand in being fair to the citizens of this country and yet, by allowing the antics of the EDL to continue, they are clearly showing where their priorities lie and where Muslims sit in all of this – Muslims are being made out to be the third class citizens of this country.

We are NOT third class citizens. We work as hard as everyone else, we contribute as much as everyone else, we pay our taxes as much as everyone else, we make mistakes and commit crimes as much as everyone else. BUT we are NOT beneath everyone else!

Enough of the double standards! Enough of the hypocrisy!

Stand Up 4 Islam!



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