quran 2

Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

We live in a world of division, not unity. A world of sects that divide us, not one ummah. A world where lies are mixed with the truth. It shouldn’t be like this. And we all know it.

The problem is, everyone thinks that they are right but this simply cannot be true. Everyone has someone else to quote to back them up. The quotes seem to come from ‘pious’ people from previous generations; sometimes from people who are or claim to be from the lineage of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). But when asked, “where’s this quote come from?”, you are either told some vague answer or barked at for questioning the source, or are actually given a reference which, when you check it out, is either wrong or without basis or credence, or had nothing to do with anything the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said.

The fact is that people need to learn the difference between truth and falsehood. But how are they going to know who is speaking the truth and who is speaking falsehood?

We are not meant to be an ummah of blind followers. With all the fitna (confusion) in the world, it makes sense that we have to determine what is the truth from the falsehood. We have to question the source of everything and this is the responsibility of EVERYONE. You need to make sure that what you learn about Islam is TRUE Islam – not lies, not made-up things, not hearsay, not fabrications, not mistakes, not errors – we need nothing short of the truth. And if you are SINCERELY looking for the truth, it will become clear to you – Truth is clear from Falsehood. Start to educate yourself about Islam, about Aqeedah (Islamic belief) and about the hadiths (sunnah – the various different classifications of hadith).


Authentic Hadith

We have to make sure that what we are told is GENUINE, is AUTHENTIC NARRATION, is from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). If it isn’t from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), then why are you following it?

What is an authentic narration? An authentic narration is one that has been proven to be strong (sahih) and contains no errors, mistakes, lies etc. For the ordinary person, start with Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari. Other good collections are Sunan Abu Dawud, Sunan Tirmidhi, Sunan Ibn-e-Majah, Muwatta Imam Malik. There are other collections also but these ones that I have named, have been translated into English. There are several classifications of hadith so learn about this and you will soon realise the difference between strong hadiths and weak ones.

BEWARE of fabricated hadiths, weak hadiths and sayings that seem to be based more in philosophy rather than on what the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said. Check what you are reading. If you can’t work out what is an authentic narration/hadith then ask around.

Islam is not based on confusion

We have to make sure that what we are told DOES NOT CONTRADICT nor go against what we have been taught by the best of creation (the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him), nor what we have been Commanded to do by Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) in the Qur’an. We are here to obey the Commandments of Allah and what has been revealed to us through the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). NO ONE ELSE comes into this picture.

If you are following a sufi, saint, pir, wali, then you must question ANYTHING that has no basis in the Sunnah and ANYTHING which seems to contradict the SUNNAH. And when I say sunnah, I am talking about authentic narrations, with the proper meanings and context. Beware of weak hadiths and fabricated hadiths (as mentioned above) – there are plenty of those around. DO NOT FOLLOW BLINDLY. Don’t take your sufi, saint, pir’s word at face value – that would be wrong! Check what they have said with other knowledgeable people, with authentic texts, with the Qur’an and the Sunnah.

If a ruling was established in the time of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the first 3 generations of Muslims, then no one after is qualified or pious enough to contradict those rulings or invent new rulings to replace them. For example, interest was made haraam by Allah in the Qur’an – this is well established and clear. So it is not for modern-day ‘experts’ to say that it is ok to have mortgages and go against the Commandment of Allah.

Learn your deen properly from scholars grounded in Islam, who have studied Aqeedah, Fiqh, Hadith, Arabic, Qur’an etc.

  • Not people from the village, whose credentials can always be questioned.
  • Not from people who’s character is in question.
  • Not from people whom you feel obliged to give them money (even if they didn’t ask for anything).
  • Not from people who engage in taweez (the majority of which have been classified as not from Islam nor from what the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, did).
  • Not from people who practise rituals that the Prophet pbuh did not ever do himself (eg. celebrating birthdays or khatims).
  • Not from people who make up their OWN opinions on things, which were not from the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh.
  • Not from people who do dhikr in gatherings, chanting in a manner that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) didn’t do.
  • Not from people who are seeking visions as a means to gain guidance from Allah – Allah Grants visions to whom He Wills.
  • Not from people who claim to interact with Jinns as a means to help you – this was not the way of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) nor any of the Sahabas.

Allah Has Provided us with a Complete Religion

We have to make sure that what we are told DOES NOT INTRODUCE NEW MATTERS into the Deen – Allah has Perfected the Deen for us and did not take the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) away until this had been done. So there is no need for any new matter to be introduced as being part of the deen.

This includes birthdays, khatims, visiting graves for the purpose of asking the people in the grave for help, introducing new ways of dhikr and so on. None of these things were practised at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) nor in the time of the first 3 generations of Muslims. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did not need these practises so we don’t either! It’s very simple.

It doesn’t matter if someone pious, who came many years after, did something in a certain way – we don’t follow anyone except the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). It doesn’t matter if someone claims they are from the lineage of the Prophet (pbuh) – we do not do anything except follow the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which is what everyone should be doing anyway. We have not been instructed to go through dead intermediaries and ask them for help.

These are things you need to learn about, so please go out and learn about them. Don’t follow blindly.

It is okay to question things

There is nothing wrong with questioning things, as long as you are not intending mischief and are genuinely trying to get at the truth of the matter and understanding. Any sincere, learned person should be able to answer your questions by referring to the Qur’an and what the Prophet (pbuh) has said in authentic hadiths. There is nothing in Islam which doesn’t make sense, so your answer shouldnt create more confusion. And any answer you are given should match what is in Qur’an and hadith.

For example, some people kiss their thumbs and raise their thumbs to their eyes whenever the name of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is mentioned. If you ask about this, what answer will you get that is from Qur’an and Sunnah?

You won’t get an answer that is from Qur’an and Sunnah. If it was from Qur’an and Sunnah, you would easily be able to find an authentic narration from the Prophet (pbuh) that instructed the sahabas to do this. There isn’t an authentic hadith to back this up – so reject this and do not follow this ritual of kissing the thumbs and raising them to your eyes.

Remember, answers should be based in Qur’an and Sunnah and directly go back to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Check things out properly

Even in the time of Rasoolullah (pbuh), the sahabas used their sense. When the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, went on Al-Israa Wal-Mi’raj (the Night Journey to Masjid Al-Aqsa and then to the 7 heavens), the arabs of Makkah went to Abu Bakr (ra) and said, “Look at what your Prophet is saying, he is claiming to have journeyed to Jerusalem and come back, in the same night!” Abu Bakr replied, “IF what you are saying is from Muhammad, pbuh, then it is true.”


Even Abu Bakr, the best of the sahabas, knew that he needed to verify what was being said. So why, oh why, are we today, willing to just accept anything, from anyone, without verifying it against authentic sources, without checking that there is truth in what’s being said.

Look at Forced Marriages – some Muslim parents believe it is their right to choose the marital partner of their offspring. Where have they got this from? Where’s the evidence? When you look into the matter, you find that they are following nothing but tradition – and it’s not even a Muslim tradition, it’s a Hindu one! So why are you not questioning what you are taught? Why are you happy to be spoon-fed when Allah Created you with intellect and understanding?

I don’t say be mischievous and argue every little thing – have etiquettes in your asking. Enquire in the best of manners. But Search for the Truth of the Matter! Don’t just leave it to hearsay.

Where have these quotes come from? Just what ARE these evidences?

As I am writing this, I have received a text from someone saying, fast on this and this day – if you do that you will get rewards equal to 80 years. This person texted the message without providing any proof whatsoever about this. No reference, no way of checking it out. So if I was to act on this, I would be doing so on hearsay.

Islam is not hearsay. Christianity is hearsay and we are not Christians. Judaism is hearsay because it has been tampered with and we are not Jews. Buddhism is hearsay and we are not Buddhists. Every religion is hearsay but not Islam. SO give Islam it’s due and stick to the truth, not hearsay.

Truth is not based on lineage

Shias, Berailwis and others share the same thinking – follow syeds who are from the lineage of the Prophet (pbuh); follow the lineage of Ali (ra), follow personalities who have come after Rasoolullah (pbuh), instead of ONLY FOLLOWING Rasoolullah (pbuh).

There is a reason, a wisdom why the Prophet (pbuh) did not leave behind any male successors – there is a reason and wisdom why Allah Ordained this. So that we DO NOT establish following based on blood – we instead base following on TRUTH!

So how can the shia be correct? What Prophet, in the history of Prophets, was spared his whole family lineage being protected and on the truth? NONE. The children of Israel went astray, the offspring of Nuh (as) were disbelievers, the wife of Lut (as) was a disbeliever, one of the Sons of Aadam went astray, and so on. If Allah Had Protected the lineage of the Prophet (pbuh), we would have been told about this. But hey, guess what, Ali is a cousin – not a direct successor of the Prophet (pbuh), so the lineage thing, even if there was one, cannot even be applied to him!

Syeds! The Indian sub-continent is apparently rife with Syeds! Funny that, how a lot seem to be of Pakistani/Indian origin, despite the fact that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was of Arab origin and from the noble tribe of Quraysh. Funny how people ignore this simple fact. Why do you not question things like this? Since when has blood relations spared people from going astray? It hasn’t!

Use your head and intellect

People don’t always quote where they are getting their information from. Or if they do, they are not quoting from authentic sources or they have misinterpreted what they are relaying to you. Some people are saying things that they are not even qualified to say – they are not experts in the field. If you are doing the same, what’s makes you different from any other claim? Berailwis say this, Qadiyanis say that, Shias say one thing, wahhabis say another. It’s the truth that makes the difference – so what are you basing truth on?

There are those who say, well even if you were quoting references and evidences, then the ordinary Muslim cannot work out whether this is true or not – cannot verify this. That’s not the point. At least these Muslims are basing their actions on references which can be challenged and verified by scholars. At least we are not relying on hearsay and what someone claims they have been told.

There are weak and fabricated hadiths – this is a reality. There were people in the times of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh who were hypocrites and liars and enemies of Islam. They wanted to spread lies and divide the Muslims. How do you think Musaylima the liar started? How do you think the jews of Madinah spread discensions between the tribes of Awz and Al-Khazraj, before Islam came to Madinah? Are we ignorant of the fact that Shaytaan is playing us and wants to whisper lies to us?

Wake up people! Check what you are being taught. If the person who is spreading sayings to you has no evidence to back it up, WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING IT?

Be sincere and be around sincere people

Allah Has Not Made this Deen difficult. It is people who make it difficult. But everyone is born on fitra – a natural disposition to know and recognise the truth when it comes.

So be sincere. Think about things. Challenge things. Ask Allah for His Help and His Guidance, for you to have an understanding and to see the wood from the trees.

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  1. samira says:

    It is best to include oneself in the dialogue and thus to use the term ‘US’ instead of ‘YOU’,
    whenever prescribing a good deed or action

  2. abdul says:


  3. husam says:

    I love u man, barak Allah feek

  4. Veronica Daniel says:

    I agree totally on seeking truth. I’m looking for a humbled spirited person that has patience to help me understand more of the Islam teachings. I seek truth to worship my Father with my whole mind and soul. Though one may view me from a Christian sense, I have no title and see myself merely as a servant of my Father only in search of truth to help my Father’s children. All glory, honor, and praise is unto Allah and my Father is leading me by way of the spirit because I know there is more knowledge there that’s beneficial for me. I don’t want an angry person with no tolerance in my learning process because my Father is love and those who love him will have patience with me. I’ve begin to read the Quran as my father has lead me to do so and I have questions as I seek certain truths.

    • maverick says:

      May Allah Guide you to His Truth, so that you accept it wholeheartedly and accept His Messenger, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). May Allah Guide you to accept that there is only one God, and nothing is worthy of worship except Allah alone; Allah, who is One, Has no partners, who is the First, the Last, the Most Merciful, the Beneficent, the Helper, the All-Seeing, All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

      I am willing to help teach you what I can.

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