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Posted: December 18, 2010 in Qur'an and Sunnah
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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

It’s important to know about the Creator of all things, your Lord and my Lord, the Only God… Allah.

We have been taught about Allah, by Allah Himself. He Has Informed us of His Names and Attributes. If we learn and understand these, we will also learn about Allah, about our submission to Him, about why we rely on Him and why we worship Him. We have so many things to be grateful for, so start now by learning about Allah and His Oneness. Some of the meanings may sound the same but this is mainly because in English there isn’t an exact equivalent for the Arabic, which has more depth.

If you believe in God, then take heed of the Names and Attributes of Allah listed below.

The list below was compiled (not in any particular order) by Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani, who authored Al-Fath Al-Baari – the explanation of Sahih Bukhari. He compiled the below list as those Names and Attributes that are mentioned in the Qur’an.

  1. ALLAH – God
  2. AR-RABB – The Lord, Sustainer, Cherisher. Allah Sustains us, so we owe everything to him. He keeps us breathing, keeps us eating, sustains our eyesight, our senses, our blood flowing, our thoughts, our relationships – the list goes on and on!! And He Is the Cherisher! Subhan’Allah, what a beautiful quality. With such a beautiful quality, how can the non-Muslims say anything bad about Allah?
  3. AL-ILAAH – The God
  4. AL-WAAHID – The One. There is only ONE God! There is nothing like Him. He Is Unique! None compares unto Him! So how can you attribute anything else to this position? How can you call Jesus God, the Holy Spirit God? There is only ONE God and it is not our place to dream up and invent others to take up this position.
  5. AR-RAHMAAN – The Most Benificent. Also translated as the Most Compassionate. There is no one in creation that is as generous or good as Allah. None that can display this magnificent quality better than Allah!
  6. AR-RAHEEM – The Most Merciful. you cannot imagine HOW Merciful Allah is! He has Showered only one part of His Mercy on us in this world and existence. The rest of His Mercy He Will Shower on us on the Day of Judgement. It is unimaginable how much Mercy Allah Has. So ask for Allah’s Mercy, for none can enter Paradise without this.
  7. AL-MALIK – The King, Sovereign. Allah Is King! So all you who have taken up ‘royal’ positions on the earth – beware! Only Allah Is King because only He Is Just and Rules over all things. Do not set yourself up as a partner with Allah, for you will only be disgraced! It is not for us to raise ourselves above any other person on the earth. We are only better in the good deeds we commit.
  8. AL-QUDDOOS – The Holy. Being Holy, Allah Deserves our submission.
  9. AS-SALAAM – The One Free from all defects, the Author of Safety. No one can point at Allah and say that Allah Is Imperfect. Allah Is Free from anything defective. Allah Is Peace and there is no peace except that which comes from Allah.
  10. AL-MU’MIN – The Giver of Security. Who can you turn to for security besides Allah? Who can protect you except Allah? Don’t be fooled by the so-called strength of others. Humans are weak and have no strength except that which is given by Allah.
  11. AL-MUHAYMIN – The Watcher over His Creatures, the Protector. Everyone needs rest and sleep – except Allah. Look at the complexities of the human body, the complexities of plants, the complexities of the brain, the complexities of the materials within the earth, the system of natural order within the world, the complexities and order of the universe! Allah Watches over all of this, over all of His creation. Nothing escapes Him and Nothing is anything without Him.
  12. AL-AZEEZ – The All-Mighty. Strong men come and go and are always defeated by something or someone. The strongest man in the world cannot beat the common cold. The strongest mountain in the world, will crumble at the sight of Allah. Do not be arrogant and think yourself to be strong and mighty. Do not overpower those whom you have been given responsibility over. For there is One Who Is more powerful and the All-Mighty – Allah!
  13. AL-JABBAR – The Compeller/The Irresistible. Man needs to realise that he cannot do anything except by the Permission of Allah.
  14. AL-MUTAKABBIR – The Supreme, the Majestic. Allah is beyond need and is without imperfection. So why do people think that Allah’s Commands will harm them, are going to make them lose something? If you lose something by obeying Allah, then perhaps you have left something small for something greater.
  15. AL-KHAALIQ – The Creator. We are unable to create anything but we think of ourselves as being clever. Scientists is the world think they have ‘created’ when then clone animals. They haven’t. All they have done is copy; and they cannot do this without making mistakes either. No one can create anything out of nothing, except Allah. We don’t even have an imagination except with the Blessing and Permission of Allah. We cannot even come up with concepts in our minds and dreams unless Allah plants it there. Look at our dreams – is there anything new in there? Is there anything that isn’t already imagined before? Is there any new creation in there that you have never witnessed before? We cannot create even a unique thought so why are we so arrogant to think ourselves as being the ‘supreme’ beings on this world? All Allah Does Is to Command a thing to be, and it is!
  16. AL-BAARI – The Inventor of all things, the Maker. Allah Created matter and then made things from it. Angel Jibreel was Commanded by Allah to collect earth from across the world and Allah used this for fashion and make Prophet Adam (as) with His Hands. We should not feel arrogant if we make things, be it a chair or a house – we are imperfect in whatever we build and put together and must bring ourselves down to earth rather than think we are supreme beings.
  17. AL-MUSAWWIR – The Bestower of forms, the Fashioner. Allah Has Created and Fashioned everything in existence and so many things in so many different forms – so many speicies of animals, insects, plant and marine life, rocks and fossils. Even human twins are not alike! And fashioning is not only what is apparent from appearance but also what is within and beneath the surface. We should not feel so proud about what we do. It is nothing in comparison.
  18. AL-AWWAL – The First. There was nothing that came before Allah – not even empty space. Allah Has Always been here – it is only ourselves that have a beginning and an end. We are not eternal but Allah Is.
  19. AL-AAKHIR – The Last. When all have died – men, women, children, animals, jinn, angels, all living things – there will only be Allah.
  20. AZ-ZAAHIR – The Most High, The Manifest, The Evident. Allah Has Made Himself Evident, without being seen. Look at creation and it all points towards Allah and Allah alone. His Order, His Creation, His Laws, His Mercy, His Sustenance – all of these things and more shows the existence of Allah.
  21. AL-BAATIN – The Most Near, The Hidden. The Reality of Allah is hidden from us because we are too weak to see Him and comprehend Him. Yet this does not deny the fact that Allah Is there, Allah Is Real and Allah Is the Creator and Master of all things.
  22. AL-HAYY – The Ever-Living. Allah Is Alive and cannot die. He is the Eternal. He Is Not a figment of our imagination or something for fairy tales. Allah Is Real and Allive and Aware of what you do.
  23. AL-QAYOOM – The Self-Sufficient, the One Who sustains and protects all, the Eternal. Allah Supports and Sustains everything in the universe – the stars, the plants, the algae, the microbes, gravity, the natural order of all things, everything in our bodies, our blood flow, our organs, our impulses, our thoughts. So shouldn’t we be thankful?
  24. AL-‘ALIYY – The Most High, the Sublime. Allah is beyond any description – Subhan’Allah!
  25. AL-‘AZEEM – The Most Great/The All-Glorious. Allah Is infinitely more greater than His creation. His Glory is unimaginable. Remember when Prophet Musa (as) wanted to see Allah and Allah Revealed a small portion of His Glory and Magnificence to the mountain – the mountain crumbled because of this. [Qur’an 7:143] This is truly amazing.
  26. AL-TAWAAB – The Acceptor of Repentance. Because of this quality, Muslims should never despair! There is always Allah’s Forgiveness and He Is Just in all things and Merciful. If anyone’s ever contemplated suicide, maybe you should turn to Allah because in believing in Allah, you will not think about these things.
  27. AL-HALEEM – The Ever-Forebearing/The All-Clement. Allah Does Not Punish people for every sin. Nothing you do can harm or affect Allah and Allah is lenient, so Muslims should also be lenient to other Muslims.
  28. AL-WAASI’ – The All-Sufficient for His creatures’ needs/The All Embracing. Allah Embraces all with His Knowledge, His Mercy, His Forgiveness. Nothing is excluded and everyone has so many chances, up until death.
  29. AL-HAAKIM – The All-Wise. All too often we rebel against Allah’s Commands – eg. wearing hijaab, obeying husbands, controlling our anger and so on. We forget that Allah Has Commanded us to do things that are good for us. There is nothing that Allah Has Commanded us to do that harms us, so why are we rebelling against this? Ask yourself this question.
  30. ASH-SHAAKIR – The All-Appreciative. Allah Appreciates even the smallest of our acts of obedience and will reward us for the smallest of things. Even a smile is charity yet suc a small thing to do. Shouldn’t we then be grateful?
  31. AL-‘ALEEM – The All-Knowing. Allah’s Knowledge encompasses everything. There is nothing that Allah doesn’t know, so we should think of this when we commit sins! Allah’s Knowledge extends to everything – the seen and unseen, the present and future and past, near and far.
  32. AL-GHANEE – The Rich, Free from all wants and needs, Self-Sufficient.
  33. AL-KAREEM – The Bountiful, The Generous. Do you not think that Allah Has Given you so much? Think about it. If you think about doing a good deed but do not end up doing it, Allah Records it as one good deed for you. If you do it then the reward is between 10 and 700 good deeds – this is indeed generous.
  34. AL-‘AFUW – The Oft-Pardoning. Allah Pardons the sins of his servants which is a big thing – to have your deeds washed away as if they didn’t exist. Look at the benefits of Hajj, of becoming a Muslim – all your sins forgiven!!
  35. AL-QADEER – The All-Powerful. All those with power in the world and who abuse that power – beware! There is One more powerful than you and Allah is that One. You are living on borrowed time and will be answerable for your deeds.
  36. AL-LATEEF – The Most Subtle and Courteous. Allah Is Gentle to all things and looks after them. Look at some of the frailest creations such as insects, plankton, fish, leaves, snowflakes. Look at how weak the human body is and how it can so easily be damaged. Yet Allah Looks After you – any bad is only from yourselves or a test from Allah.
  37. AL-KHABEER – The All-Aware. Allah’s Knowledge is profound and all-encompassing. Allah Is Understanding and Aware of what is happening in the world, whether in public or in secret. He knows your inner most thoughts and feelings.
  38. AL-SAMEE’ – The All-Hearing. Allah Hears all things. So make dua to Allah. Ask Allah for things and be patient – He Will Give as He Pleases and He is Most-Wise in all things. You do not need to go through intermediaries to speak to Allah. You do not need to ask people of the graves to intercede for you.
  39. AL-BASEER – The All Seer. Allah Sees everything – you cannot escape Him – try if you wish but it is fruitless. Allah Sees all trangressions, all oppressive acts, all agressions, all sins, all good deeds, everything both small and large.
  40. AL-MAWLAA – The Lord, Protector and Supporter, Patron.
  41. AL-NASEER – The Helper. There is None that can help you except Allah. So when you are struggling, turn to Allah FIRST!
  42. AL-QAREEB – The Near (to all, by His Knowledge).
  43. AL-MUJEEB – The Responsive. Allah Listens to all prayers and supplications and Answers the call of those who believe and do righteous deeds. And it is Allah Who Decides what the response should be. So when you pray to Him do not be despondent if you feel your prayer is not answered – Allah Does Not Let you prayers go to waste but He Knows what is good for you better than you do.
  44. AL-RAQEEB – The All-Watcher. Allah Is always Watching His creation – everything you do, everything that is done. Those who commit sin need to wake up to this (including myself).
  45. AL-HASEEB – The All-Sufficient in taking account; the Reckoner. We will be called to take to task our actions. All of our actions, both small and large. So our responsibility is to Allah, not men.
  46. AL-QAWEE – The Most Strong. There is nothing that is stronger than Allah and nothing has power over anything except that Allah Is Supreme and the Most Strong.
  47. ASH-SHAHEED – The Witness. There is nothing that we do but Allah is a Witness to it.
  48. AL-HAMEED – The One Who Is Worthy of all praise. Having read these Names and Attributes, Allah Is surely Worthy of all praise!
  49. AL-MUJEED – The All-Glorious, The Noble. Allah is the All-Noble in everything He Is and Does.
  50. AL-MUHEET – The Encompasser.
  51. AL-HAFEEZ – The Guardian. Allah is Guardian of all things and upholds the heavens and the earth and everything in between.
  52. AL-HAQQ – The Truth. There is only One Truth and the Truth is with Allah. So learn about Islam and you will find the Truth.
  53. AL-MUBEEN – The Manifest.
  54. AL-GHAFFAAR – The Oft-Forgiving. No matter what you do, Allah is the Most Forgiving and the One Who Forgives frequently.
  55. AL-QAHHAR – The Irresistible, the Dominant. Everything in the universe is subject to and bows down to Allah’s Will. Everything runs in such a co-ordinated and ordered way and according to rules Set by Allah. We should marvel at this, especially scientists who study Allah’s Creation. Look at the laws of science, of nature, gravity, chemistry, physics. How can you not see this and not think there is a Creator of all things?
  56. AL-KHALLAAQ – The Creator. Allah Is the Only Creator. We cannot create things – we cannot even clone things properly. All we can do is copy what Allah Has Created and we can’t even do that well.
  57. AL-FATTAH – The Judge, the Reliever, the Opener. Allah Opens the hearts of the faithful to His Knowledge.
  58. AL-WADOOD – The Most Loving. Think of the woman who loves her baby so much that she would rather die than have her baby harmed. Allah Loves More than this.
  59. AL-GHAFOOR – The Forgiving. Allah’s Forgiveness is unlimited which means that Muslims need never despair. Look at the case of the murderer who had killed so many people and was looking for forgiveness. He approached a man who told him to travel to a place and ask for forgiveness from Allah. The murderer travelled and on his journey, he died. When the Angels argued over whether the man should go to Hell or to Paradise, they were instructed to measure the distance the man had travelled. If the distance he had travelled was greater than that he had left to go, he would be forgiven his sins. And this was the case. The man was forgiven despite the fact he never reached his destination. But his intention was clear. To Ask Allah for forgiveness. We should never despair or reach a point of suicide because Allah Is Always Here and is Al-Ghafoor.
  60. AL-RA’OOF – The Full of Kindness, The Gentle. Allah’s Commands Are always for our benefit. Everything Allah Does For us does nothing except help us. What we do does not benefit Allah in the slightest. Our worship is showing obedience but it does not change Allah. So imagine this that Allah Does things for our benefit without receiving or needing anything in return. Surely this is The Gentle, Al-Ra’oof.
  61. ASH-SHAKOOR – The Most Ready to Appreciate.
  62. AL-KABEER – The Most Great. Allahu Akbar – pronounce takbir for Allah is the Most Great!
  63. AL-MUT’AAL – The Most High, The All-Exalted. Allah Is High above His Creation in power and authority.
  64. AL-MUQEET – The Ever All-Able, All-Witness.
  65. AL-MUSTA’AAN – The One Whose Help is to be sought.
  66. AL-WAHHAAB – The Bestower. Allah Gives to whom He Wills and Can Give in abundance. Look at the descriptions of Paradise, in which each inhabitant is given more things each day, for eternity! Everything that is good is from Allah, so ask Him frequently for Allah Likes when you turn to Him.
  67. AL-HAFI – The Ever Most Gracious.
  68. AL-WAARITH – The Inheritor.
  69. AL-WALI – The Protector or Guardian. Allah Is the True Protector of all things. If you lose Allah’s Protection, what state will you be in?
  70. AL-QAA’IM – The One Who Takes Charge (Guards, Maintains, Provides).
  71. AL-QAADIR – The Able.
  72. AL-GHAALIB – The One Who Has Full Power and Control, the Predominant.
  73. AL-QAAHIR – The Irresistible.
  74. AL-HAAFIZ – The Protector.
  75. AL-BARR – The Most Subtle, Kind, Courteous and Generous, The Source of all goodness, The Benificent. Alah Is Benign and Good to all things.
  76. AL-AHAD – The One. There is Only One God. Allah alone. No partners does He Have. Nothing that can even be compared to Him. So respect Your Lord and Show Gratitude.
  77. AS-SAMAD – The Self-Sufficient Master, The Eternal, The Everlasting Refuge. Allah Is the Refuge sought by all living things, by all persons, especially in times of need and crisis.
  78. AL-MALEEK – The King, The Owner, The Proprietor.
  79. AL-MUQTADIR – The Omnipotent, All-Able to carry out what He Wills, The Prevailing. Allah Has absolute power and mastery over everything – there is none that can prevail against Him. So do not try.
  80. AL-WAKEEL – The Disposer of Affairs/The Trustee. All our affairs are entrusted to Allah’s Care. We don’t know what is in the future and what is the best things for us, so put your trust in Allah, for He Knows Best How to sort our affairs.
  81. AL-HAADI – The Guide. There is none who can Guide except Allah. Any guidance you receive originates from Allah so be grateful.
  82. AL-KAFEEL – The Surety.
  83. AL-KAAFI’ – The Sufficient.
  84. AL-AKRAM – The Most Generous.
  85. AL-A’ALAA – The Most High.
  86. AR-RAZZAAQ – The All-Provider. “Is there any creator, apart fom Allah, who provides for you out of heaven and earth? There is no god but He.” [Qur’an 35:3]
  87. DHU’L-QUWWAT IL-MATEEN – Owner of Power, the Most Strong, the Firm. Alla’s Power Is steadfast – it is the same today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. Change does not apply to Allah.
  88. GHAAFIR ADH-DHAMB – The Forgiver of Sin.
  89. QAABIL AT-TAWB – The Acceptor of Repentance.
  90. SHADEED AL-‘IQAAB – The Severe in Punishment. Punishment is given to those who are deserving of it. So do not blame Allah for YOUR actions and the wrongs YOU committed.
  91. DHU’T-TAWL – The Bestower (of favours).
  92. RAFEE’ AD-DARAJAAT – The Owner of High Ranks.
  93. SAREE’ AL-HISAAB – The Swift in Reckoning.
  94. FAATIR AS-SAMAWAATI WA’L-ARD – The Originator of the heavens and the earth.
  95. BADEE’ AS-SAMAWAATI WA’L-ARD – The Creator of the heavens and the earth. Allah Created everything from nothing. Without any help and not needing anything. Everything has been designed perfectly and so has man been designed, a perfect creation, exercising free will and choice, thus making mistakes and needing Allah’s Guidance.
  96. NOOR AS-SAMAWAATI WA’L-ARD – The Light of the heavens and the earth. There is no light except with Allah.
  97. MAALIK AL-MULK – The Possessor of the Kingdom. Allah Is the Supreme Sovereign and the Owner of all things. Whatever we have is on loan from Allah – including our wealth. It does not truly belong to us but to Allah. So why not give in sadaqah and zakat and still be rewarded for doing so?
  98. DHUL-JALAALI WA’L IKRAAM – Owner of Majesty and Honour. This sums up Allah’s Qualities and Attributes and how we should turn towards Allah. It is with good reason that we should worship Him alone and there is not good reason why not to.

In addition, there are the following Names and Attributes:

  1. AL-QABID – The Seizer. The Prophet (pbuh) said that Allah Has Said “I have never hesitated in putting into effect something I am to do in the way that I hesitate in seizing the soul of My faithful servant; he hates death and I Hate to hurt him; yet it is inevitable.” [Bukhari]
  2. AL-BASIT – The Expander. “Allah Extends His Bounty and Reduces His Provision to whoever He Wills.” [Qur’an 13:26]
  3. AL-KHAFID – The Abaser. Allah May Raise some people above others and Abase others to test them. So we should learn from this when we look at our situations.
  4. AR-RAFI’ – The Exalter. Allah Will Raise in rank Whoever He Wills.
  5. AL-MU’IZZ – The Honourer. Allah Will Give Honour to Whom He Wills so recognise this when you judge others.
  6. AL-MUDHILL – The Humuliator. There are those who die defying Allah’s Commands and rejecting Allah. Yet these will be the people who will be humiliated in the Hellfire. Think of the situation of Pharaoh and Abu Lahab. Is this not a humuliating end for them? And humuliation and punishment comes on those Whom Allah Has Decreed as deserving of this. These people will have committed grave sins – they are not put into this position by Allah, rather they have done this to themselves.
  7. AL-HAKAM – The Judge. There is no law or judgement higher than that of Allah. No man-made laws should be followed if they go against the Law of Allah. And it will be Allah Who Will Judge amongst us and is the best of Judges. Take heed for the Day of Judgement is near and none can escape it.
  8. AL-ADL – The Just. There is none that is more just than Allah. He Is Fair in all things and Puts everything in its deserving place. Any injustice in this world does not escape Allah and those who are being oppressed should take comfort in this. Those who are oppressing should fear Allah for a day will come when they will have to bear the burden of what they have done.
  9. AL-JALIL – The Majestic. Allah Is Majestic and Splendid and to Him is due all honour and devotion.
  10. AL-BA’ITH – The Resurrector. Belief in the Hereafter is central to Islam for it is in the Hereafter that we will be judged. When we die, we will be resurrected by Allah, we don’t just fade away like some people believe.
  11. AL-MUHSI – The Reckoner. Allah Takes Account of all things in the universe, their numbers, their movements, what happens to them – everything. Your deeds will be subject to the Reckoning on the Day of Judgement.
  12. AL-MUBDI – The Originator. Everything starts with Allah and existence came into being from Allah. Time began from Allah. So don’t listen to these theories of evolution, which have not taken into account Allah.
  13. AL-MU’ID – The Restorer. For those who doubt that they will be raised up again, Allah Will Restore everyone from death and they will stand in front of Allah to account for their deeds.
  14. AL-MUHIYY – The Giver of Life. Scientists have struggled to give things life – the best they have done is to clone and even then, they cannot understand what gives a body life. What is a soul? They do not know and cannot answer this scientifically. Yet everything around us has been given life. By Allah.
  15. AL-MUMIT – The Life Taker. No life can be taken except by the Permission of Allah. If Allah Has Decreed a person will live, you cannot do anything about it. People live and die by Allah’s Will. A healthy person can slip away, and ill person live for years. Does this not make you think and contemplate?
  16. AL-WAJID – The Finder. “Did He Not Find you needy and Enrich you?” [Qur’an 93:8].
  17. AL-MUQADDIM – The Promoter. Allah Promotes to higher positions whom He Wills.
  18. AL-MU’AKHKHIR – The Detainer. Allah Will Detain the disbelievers on the Day of Judgement and keep them away from His Mercy and Forgiveness, for what they used to do and what they died on.
  19. AL-MUNTAQIM – The Avenger. Allah Is Patient and gives everyone many opportunties to come to the straight path and repent. But there comes a time when justice and punishment must be done and we know about this with the people of Nuh (as) and Lut (as) and others as well. Many nations have been destroyed for their disobedience to Allah, and this is not after a short time but after so many opportunities that it is clear that the people will never accept and always reject the truth. When things get to this point, justice must come and so must vengeance for what people have sent forward.
  20. AL-MUQSIT – The Just. Perfect fairness is an Attribute of Allah. No one is wronged by Allah – to be wronged is a human trait. So be just in your affairs for there is One More Just over you!
  21. AL-JAMI’ – The Gatherer. On the Day of Judgement Allah Will Gather all mankind and jinn together for the Reckoning. Allah Can Gather your bones and ashes and resurrect you even if you scattered these across the world.
  22. AL-GHANI – The Self Sufficient. Allah Needs no companion, no helper, nothing to aid him. He Is Self-Sufficient. Now compare that with us, where we are reliant on everything – air, water, food, life, defences against disease, the governance of our organs and bodily functions, and much much more.
  23. AL-MUGHNI – The Enricher. Allah Is the One Who Gives us what we need and desire and Can Give us much much more.
  24. AL-MANI’ – The Withholder. Allah Can Withhold His Bounty from you if He Wishes and no one can do anything about it. If  you don’t deserve Allah’s Blessings then these may be Withheld from you, unless Allah Has Mercy on you.
  25. AL-DARR – The Afflictor. “And if Allah Afflicts you with evil, then none can remove it but He.” Affliction can be a test or a punishment. In the case of the Prophet Ayyub (as) it was a test, not only for the Prophet but for those people around him. And what a great test! Read the story of Ayyub (as).
  26. AN-NAFI’ – The Benificent. “Know that if the nations were to gather together to benefit you with anything, it would benefit you only with something that Allah Had Already Prescribed for you.” [At-Tirmidhi]
  27. AL-BAQI – The Everlasting. Allah Will Never cease to exist. His Existence depends upon nothing and our existence depends upon Him.
  28. AR-RASHID – The Guide. The Straight Path is with Allah and Allah Is Always Guiding us to it. Will you wake up and listen?
  29. AS-SABUR – The Forebearing. Allah Is Patient with the believers and the disbelievers. Many years of disobedience have passed, people feel secure in their disobedience but this is a false sense of security. Allah Is the Most Patient and His Will Cannot be challenged.

Please think about the Names and Attributes of Allah above. I will keep updating this as I can.

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The following were used as references:

  • The Most Beautiful Names of Allah by Samira Fayyad Khawaldeh
  • Belief in Allah (Islamic Creed Series) by Umar Al-Ashqar

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