Uprising in Egypt – Don’t forget Allah! Mubarak: Time to go!

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Standing up against Wrongdoings
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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

The uprising in Egypt has caught world attention. Tens of thousands of Egyptians have been taking to the streets, protesting against the government. It’s been brewing for a while and recent events like the bombing of a church in Alexandria on New Year’s Day have escalated tensions.



Whilst I applaud the Egyptians for standing up against a corrupt and oppressive regime, a government, run by Hosni Mubarak, that has co-operated with the US government in imprisoning and torturing many sincere and righteous Muslims who are standing up for Islam, I urge caution.

True, Hosni Mubarak is not the leader we need in these times and his actions have infuriated the people of Egypt and it is high time that he was ousted. Insha’Allah may the people of Egypt overthrow this leader who allies himself with those who defy Islam. Friends of the enemies of Allah and Islam are simply enemies to ALL the Muslims! Mubarak has oppressed the people of Egypt, former land of the previous oppressors, the Pharoahs, and prevented the country from truly being a major boost to the ummah. We do not want people like this ruling over Muslim lands.

Mubarak must go!

But, all these protests will amount to nothing if the Egyptians do not remember Allah.


Only Allah Can Bring prosperity and respect and peace to a country like Egypt. So I urge Egyptians to protest but protest and stand up in the Name of Allah! Do only those things which are allowed and halaal. Without Allah, what will become of your efforts? Do not replace the regime of Mubarak with another weak, power-hungry, corrupt and oppressive regime. Replace him with Islam, with someone who can help bring the Eygptian nation under the banner of Islam, for there is no success except Allah’s Success!

On my visits to Egypt, I have seen that there is so much potential for the people to benefit from practising Islam in ALL their affairs. Cast aside those ways which only benefit in the duniya and do nothing for your akhira. Why do you think Egypt has ended up in this position in the first place?

And what of Obama, urging Mubarak to give Egyptians democratic opportunities? Obama, this is not your country, so keep out and do not interfere. Egypt needs something much much better than democracy, and that is ISLAM! Do you think that Obama would be saying this, if he didn’t have a vested interest in Egypt? Obama is not out to side with the Egyptians, the Muslims – he’s only out for his own selfish gains. Obama, you don’t even know what’s good for yourself, never mind the US, never mind Egypt, never mind the world. So go away, hide in your White House and let the Muslims sort their own affairs.


Muslims around the world should take heed of what is happening in Egypt. Oppressive governments should be challenged and stood up against. Indeed Prophet Ibrahim (as) stood up against Nimrud, Prophet Musa (as) stood up against Firaun, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) against the rulers of Quraysh. But learn the lessons, all the Prophets who stood up against leaders and oppression and wrongdoing, did so in the Name of Allah. The uprising in Egypt shows that we do not need to act weak, we can stand up against oppressive rulers – they are only people, not some mighty and powerful beings.

The Muslim Ummah is not weak – we only think it is.

Stand up 4 Islam!
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  1. DustinAshland says:

    The whole of humanity supports Egypt. This is something beautiful, if you would stop making it a God comepetition. The whole world needs these examples. So, for goodness sake take down the religion a notch before you alienate supporters. Don’t lose faith in people.

    • maverick says:

      Thanks for your comment but considering life only exists because of God, what I have written is very relevant, espcially considering we are talking about a Muslim country. I’m not losing faith in people and this isn’t about that at all. But everyone needs to bring everything back to Allah because we are nothing without him. He is the Bestower of Peace and the Protector and Maintainer of all things and so we should turn to him in times of need and in times of ease.

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