Qur’an Quiz 8 to 14: Questions

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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

Here are the questions asked in the Qur’an quizzes I have held so far. Answers are on a separate post.

Learn Islam! In doing so, you will… Stand Up 4 Islam!



  1. Quote Surah Al-Maidah v21
  2. In Surah Al-Maidah v32, describe the similitude if a person kills another person and if a person saves a life
  3. What do the disbelievers say about the Messengers of Allah in Surah An-Nisa, v150?
  4. In Surah An-Nisa v154 in what manner were the Children of Israel Commanded by Allah to enter the gate?
  5. Who do we not take as friends and protectors? Clue: Surah Al-Maidah v51
  6. In Surah An-Nisa v159, who will be a witness, on the Day of Judgement, against the people of the Scripture?
  7. In Surah Al-Maidah v72, what did Prophet Isa (as) say to the Children of Israel?
  8. In Surah An-Nisa v175, how will Allah Reward the believers?
  9. In Surah Al-Maidah v75, how is Prophet Isa (as) described?
  10. In Surah An-Nisa v164, who did Allah Speak to directly?

Answers can be found here


  1. Name two things forbidden to us in Surah Al-Maidah v90
  2. If you kill game whilst in the state of Ihram (eg. When performing Hajj or Umrah), name 2 things you can do to make up for this? Clue: Surah Al-Maidah v95
  3. Give 2 reasons why the disciples of Prophet Isa (as) asked for a table of food from heaven? Clue: Surah Al-Maidah v113
  4. Quote the last verse of Surah Al-Maidah (v120)
  5. What is the name, in English, of Surah Al-An’am?
  6. What did Allah Create mankind from, as described in Surah Al-An’am v2?
  7. If Allah Had sent down the Message written on paper, what would the disbelievers say? Clue: Surah Al-An’am v7
  8. Quote Surah Al-An’am v11
  9. Name two of the attributes of Allah mentioned in Surah Al-An’am v18
  10. What is the crime that the Zalimun (polytheists and wrongdoers) commit in Surah Al-An’am v21?
  • BONUS QUESTON: What will the disbelievers say when they see the Hellfire in Surah Al-An’am v27?

Answers can be found here


  1. Describe the life of this world as stated in Surah Al-An’am v32
  2. Quote Surah Al-An’am v33
  3. Describe those who reject Allah’s Signs. Clue: Surah Al-An’am v39
  4. Name the 3 things that the Prophet Muhammad is Commanded NOT to claim in Surah Al-An’am v50
  5. What does Allah Command us to do when you hear people talking falsely about Allah’s Verses and mocking Islam? Clue Surah Al-An’am v68
  6. What did Prophet Ibrahim (as) say to his father, Azar in Surah Al-An’am v74?
  7. In Surah Al-An’am, v76 to v78,, which three things did Prophet Ibrahim (as) reject as being his Lord?
  8. Name the Prophets in Surah Al-An’am v84 to 86
  9. In Surah Al-An’am, what wrong did the Jews do with the Book which prophet Musa (as) brought?
  10. Which town is the ’Mother of Towns’, as stated in Surah Al-An’am v92?

Answers can be found here


  1. Quote the first half of Surah Al-An’am v114
  2. What will happen if you obey most of those on earth? Clue: Surah Al-An’am v116
  3. In Surah Al-An’am v128, who will Allah Send to the Hellfire and why?
  4. Name 2 things that Allah Forbade the Jews in Surah Al-An’am v146
  5. In Surah Al-An’am v160, how many rewards do you get for a good deed?
  6. Quote Surah Al-Ar’af v1
  7. What’s the meaning of Surah Al-Ar’af v1?
  8. In Surah Al-Ar’af v11, who was Commanded to bow down to Adam (as)?
  9. What did Iblees say, when Allah Asked him why he didn’t prostrate to Adam (as)? Surah Al-Ar’af v12
  10. What did Allah Warn Adam (as) and his wife in Surah Al-Ar’af v19?

Answers can be found here


  1. In Surah Al-Ar’af v20, what did Shaytaan say to Adam (as) and his wife to mislead them?
  2. In Surah Al-Ar’af, what is the dua that Adam and his wife made to ask for forgiveness from Allah?
  3. What is the name of Adam’s (as) wife? Arabic name please
  4. Quote Surah Al-Ar’af v34
  5. For the disbelievers, when will the Gates of Paradise be opened? Clue: Surah Al-Ar’af v40 – I will not accept ‘never’ as an answer on this question
  6. What is Al-Ar’af? Clue: Surah Al-Ar’af v46
  7. What will the dwellers of Hellfire ask the dwellers of Paradise in Surah Al-Ar’af v50?
  8. How many days did Allah take to Create the heavens and the earth and what did Allah do afterwards? Clue: Surah Al-Ar’af v54
  9. How should you invoke upon Allah? Clue: Surah Al-Ar’af v55
  10. Which Prophet’s people were punished by Allah in Surah Al-Ar’af v64
  • BONUS QUESTION: Which Prophet was sent to the people of ‘Ad? Clue Surah Al-Ar’af v65

Answers can be found here


  1. Who were the successors after the people of Prophet Nuh (as)? Clue Surah Al-Ar’af v69
  2. Who was sent to the people of Thamud? Clue: Surah Al-Ar’af v73
  3. What did the people of Thamud do to be puinished by Allah and what was the punishment? Clue: Surah Al-Ar’af v77 – 78
  4. What was the sin that the people of Lut (as) committed, that had never been committed before them? Clue: Surah Al-Ar’af v81
  5. To whom was Prophet Shuaib (as) sent to? Clue Surah Al-Ar’af v85
  6. Quote Surah Al-Ar’af v92
  7. Why are people seized with suffering? Clue: Surah Al-Ar’af v94
  8. Quote Surah Al-Ar’af v99
  9. In Surah Al-Ar’af, what was the first sign of Allah that Musa (as) showed to Pharaoh?
  10. When Musa (as) defeated the sorcerors/magicians, what did they do and say? Clue: Surah Al-Ar’af v121
  • BONUS QUESTION: How did Pharaoh punish the magicians?

Answers can be found here


  1. What did Firaun say in Surah Al-Ar’af v127?
  2. How was Firaun and his people punished in Surah Al-Ar’af v130?
  3. And how was Firaun punished in Surah Al-Ar’af v133?
  4. How many nights were appointed for Musa (as) in Surah Al-Ar’af v142
  5. What happened when Allah ‘appeared’ in Surah Al-Ar’af v143?
  6. What did the people of Musa (as) do whilst he was away? Clue: Surah Al-Ar’af v148
  7. Describe Allah’s Mercy in Surah Al-Ar’af v156 and who it is for
  8. What happened when the Children of Israel exceeded the limits in Surah Al-Ar’af v166?
  9. What did every human being (including you and me and everyone from past present and future) testify to in Surah Al-Ar’af v172
  10. How should we call upon Allah, as described in Surah Al-Ar’af v180
  • BONUS QUESTION: Whomsoever Allah Send astray, none can guide him, and He lets them wander blindly in their transgressions
  • BONUS QUESTION: Which Book is referred to in Surah Al-Ar’af v196?

Answers can be found here

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