Rush to Aid East Africa this Ramadan: Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya Drought

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Unity
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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

We are walking into Ramadan with the usual expectations: our routines to be disrupted and changed, food needs preparing, invite people to Iftari, get some Islamic books and ornaments, prepare your self for taraweeh. All good things and things that need doing. But don’t miss one crucial point about Ramadan – that we think about those less fortunate than us. There are crises all over the world and the most recent to catch the news is the drought in East Africa (Horn of Africa).

Imagine that over 10 million people are threatened with starvation. TEN MILLION!

It’s hard to imagine that number. So instead, think of a family member, someone dear to you. Think of them, their skin caving in on their body, creeping inwards every day, wrapping around their bones, making the dreaded outlines that we see in news pictures like the one below.

Starvation in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya, East Africa

Imagine their throats drying up, tongues lacking saliva, the strength being drained from their arms and legs, day by day. The lack of food and water sapping their will to live. It’s hard to concentrate because of the headaches, the aches and pain throughout their body. And on top of that, is the sound of those around you. Thousands of people around you. All in pain, all suffering, all facing the stress of not only themselves, but their loved ones… dying in their arms. They can’t do anything about this.

Allah Sends us these trials. Why? So that we can sit from the comfort of our plate-filled iftaris and put the images of these people aside, whilst we enjoy our meals an pretend to ourselves about how well we did to get through the fast that day?

Ramadan should spur us into action to being REAL MUSLIMS. And that means helping those less fortunate than ourselves, not simply remembering them nor watching them on TV. It is only a phone call to donate some money to help your brothers and sisters across the world. Your donation can save their lives.

Donate via: Ummah Welfare Trust or Human Relief Foundation

Some Facts

  • It’s the worst drought in East Africa (Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Etritrea, Djibouti) for 60 years, affecting over 10 million people, threatening them with starvation
  • Six out of 10,000 children are dying every day – one child dying is too much
  • Somalia is the hardest-hit country but the country is already suffering from two decades of fighting
  • Familes are trekking, for days and weeks, through rough terrain, children barefoot, to try and escape the drought and reach refugee camps. Of the children that survive the journey, many are severely malnourished and could lose their lives

Be a REAL Muslim – care for the Ummah and help today, not tomorrow.

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