Riots in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Standing up against Wrongdoings, Unity
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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

It’s like a scene from the Middle East. Buildings in flames, the streets littered with angry people, shops looted, home-made missiles, thousands of police in riot gear, hundreds of people being arrested – it looks like a war zone… but it’s not the Middle East, it’s actually London! And the riots have spread to other towns and cities: Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol. Insha’Allah they will not spread any further and will calm down.

Riots in London

What caused the riot? Well thankfully, it was not something down to Muslims. The riots started from an incident where the police shot down a man, Mark Duggan, at Ferry Lane, Tottenham, north London on Thursday 4th August 2011. Following this a peaceful protest was held but there’s clearly an underlying anger being felt in the communities. But not just in London, across the country as the violence spread. This does not, however, explain what caused the riot, why people are so angry.

Riots break out in the North

My view, which may change as more information is revealed, is that the police are frequently seen as being unfair in their treatment of minorities. They are seen as oppressive and with an agenda to impose their superiority over people in an unjust way. However, on top of this is the fact that people are being put under more and more pressure in this society. Prices continue to rise and incomes struggle to meet this. Households find themselves worried about how they will pay for food and bills. Injustice is becoming widespread and people are suspicious of the authorities. There is a lack of real guidance on how people should live their lives and how governments and authorities rule. Those affected are the poorer communities, those who end up rioting are typically also from these communities – is there a connection? Probably.

The way this country is being run is gradually causing communities to cave in on themselves. This is what happens when those who do not fear Allah carry on as though there is no God and they have no accountability for their actions. People were rising up in the Middle East and North Africa – is the same going to happen here in the UK?

Stand Up 4 Islam!

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