Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

HELP ME TO HIT THE FUNDRAISING TARGET FOR EAST AFRICA (Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia). Please support me by sponsoring me on the justgiving website:

Insha’Allah I’m climbing Mount Snowdon, which is 2550 feet high, on Saturday 10th September. I’m donating the money raised through Human Relief Foundation, a UK registered charity which has been providing emergency relief and aid for over 20 years now!

Mount Snowdon rates amongst the most beautiful mountains in the world. It is the highest mountain in Wales and can be both a rewarding and satisfying achievement for those who reach the summit. Whichever direction you approach it from the size and grandeur impresses. Snowdon stands 3,560 feet high. Each year 350,000 people reach the summit, some on foot and some by train. The summit has 200 inches of rain per year, and can reach temperatures of 30 centigrade in high summer, and plummet to -20 centigrade in the winter. The summit buildings at the top can by covered by ice and snow between November and April.

The situation has become very severe in, South Eastern Ethiopia, Northern Kenya, Southern Somalia and Djibouti.

  • Millions of men,women and children are fleeing the drought, crossing borders and arriving malnourished and starved. Thousands of children were not able to survive the journey and have died.
  • Over 50% of livestock has perished, and failing rain seasons have caused rivers, streams and wells to dry and crops to disappear, leaving little left to feed the hungry.
  • The United Nations have declared famine in Somalia.
  • There is growing concern of the spread of diseases such as measles, meningitis and malaria.
  • This crisis could continue well into 2012.

Please support me by sponsoring me on the justgiving website:

Please help the millions suffering in East Africa and bring them some relief.

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Be a REAL Muslim – care for the Ummah and help today, not tomorrow.

Stand Up 4 Islam!

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