Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

I’ve come to a point where I am wondering to myself, is all this effort worth it? Is it actually a good idea to try and use social network sites like Twitter to spread Islam, connect with Muslims and encourage unity? I started out online for a variety of reasons but the main things were this: I wanted to express myself and In Sha Allah start to help guide Muslims towards practising Islam that is rooted firmly in Qur’an and authentic sunnah. I wanted to help unite Muslims and somehow bring them together, move them away from non-Islamic practises and help build the ummah.

So after a year of being on twitter, I’m looking at myself and wondering, am I putting in effort in a good way, or am I actually wasting effort on twitter? Have I gotten anywhere with uniting Muslims and helping to spread knowledge and bring Muslims into practising authentically, rather than culturally or following blindly? Am I actually carrying out deeds and actions that would please Allah, or am I displeasing him because I am wasting my time and energy? This might sound silly but I can give you an example.

Some Muslims are of the opinion that democracy (in the Western sense) is good and that they should take part in the political system, in a non-Muslim country, to try and influence it towards Islam. They go into this with the best of intentions – to promote Islam and try and do something good. However, history and experience tells us that this will not work and is an unrealistic goal. There have been many cases where Muslims have won elections but then that power was taken from them or the rules have been changed to prevent Muslims from taking office (eg. Algeria, Turkey). There have been Muslim MPs in UK for decades but the system doesn’t allow them to change anything unless it’s a majority vote and they have achieved little in those decades – should these Muslims have spent their efforts to promote Islam in other ways?

So here I am wondering whether my efforts are being channelled correctly.

Add to that the issue of the fitna on twitter, and the fitna I’m talking about is from Muslims only, because I try to keep my following to Muslims. There is a lot of free-mixing between Muslim brothers and sisters and it’s all too easy to get drawn into that. There are a lot of comments that are unbecoming of a Muslim’s character. And when I try to explain things in Islam in a simple way and according to Qur’an and authentic sunnah, I get challenged, I get drawn into arguments and I face people who seem to have opinions on Islam as though they are scholars! I don’t want to get angry and cause upset and I don’t want my Eemaan to be wrongly affected by twitter or that I should be the cause of affecting other Muslims’ Eemaan in a bad way.

On the positive side, I do run a Qur’an Quiz and that has been masha’Allah great! Muslims seem to benefit from it, Alhamdulillah, and I wouldn’t want to lose any Blessings here for myself and for others. But is this enough? Or does the bad side of twitter outweigh the good side of twitter?

So here I am, asking for advice. What do you, the reader, think?

I’m not looking for compliments and I don’t want to feel ‘bigged up’ and that I’m special in any way whatsoever – this is not what I’m looking for. I’m not seeking attention from others. I’m just trying to assess whether it’s worthwhile spending time on twitter for Islam and Muslims, or whether there is a better way to achieve unity, brotherhood and a return to authentic Islam.

I really would appreciate your comments.

Jazak’Allah khayr.

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  1. muhammad majid says:

    Bro, I agree with u 100% with regards 2 fitnah on twitter, conflict with other bros etc bt I still feel that u shouldn’t gv up.. Social networks are where mostv the youth spend there time these days, n if Allah uses u as a means of hidaayah 4 1 person, then u r successful..
    May Allah reward u 4 ur efforts.. Keep goin bro

    • maverick says:

      Jazak’Allah khayr for that akhi. It’s strange. Prophet Nuh (as) spent over 900 years giving dawah, probably facing a much more difficult environment and people and only a few became Muslim – but his mission was completely worthwhile. And in this day and age, it’s easy to actually get in touch with people and spread the message. Maybe I’m letting my frustrations get the better of me.

  2. @tarekshehata says:

    Salaam Dear Brother,

    I pray Allah bless you, guide you to the right decision, and forgive you. And us. I will try being neutral, although I definitely don’t want you to leave! 😀

    [1] Brother, in order for Islam to reach all people on the planet, we [Muslims] should use every mean to do dawah. That includes politics, social media, TV and movies. We should keep showing people how Islam can influence every aspect of our lives in a good way. The result in some areas may take some time, but that shouldn’t stop us. If we failed, we’ll try again.

    [2] Brother, the fact that most Muslims do wrong acts -like free-mixing between bros and siss- should not stop a daeya from doing dawah. It should drive him to build connections with them [Muslims who do wrong acts] and pull them from these wrong acts. Of course unless these wrong acts are harming you, that’s a different story.

    [3] Brother, you influence many Muslim tweeps in a good way, and unite twitter ummah, so why losing all that? Why losing a source of hasanat?! May be it will be your excuse when Allah asks you ‘what did you do for Islam?’ So why not find another solution to avoid the ‘bad’ and keep the ‘good?

    [4] Brother, there is no time or energy ‘wasted’ in dawah efforts, Allah rewards for them all! Although we need to maintain acceptable ‘efficiency’. I don’t know how much energy and time you spend doing dawah on twitter. But ask yourself: is there any way I can reduce energy and time spent, while keep doing twitter-dawah? Maybe stop doing ineffective activities, or don’t waste your time in unproductive arguments. Maybe create more effective activities, or search for a partner and work with you… Etc.

    [5] Brothers, how can you assess your influence? How many people you influenced positively and how many negatively? How is growth? How many new tweeps participating in Quran quiz every time? Simply, what do numbers say?! Cuz sometimes feelings are deceiving; they are affected by one’s personal state at a moment [anger, frustration, or happiness …], and not linked to reality.

    [6] Brother, if you found a more effective dawah channel, you should put most of your effort there. But consider what you have achieved in the old channel before the decision.

    I’m not sure, does that make sense? 😀
    I wish it helpful 🙂

  3. Rahmatu Usman says:

    Alhamdulillah you are on a right cause,following you on twitter is one of great things that ever happened to me cos anytime I check my tweets you remind me of Allah.
    I think what u r feeling now is a test on patience and perseverance which every true believe goes through.
    I want you to continue with your efforts,don’t give up because you have just is only Allah that can reward you.
    May Allah reward your good intentions with jannatul firdaus. JazakAllah khairan

  4. bashir says:

    May Allah s.w.t reward you with jannatul firdaus for the da’awa. You always remind us of the essence of our existence(which is to worship Allah).

  5. Sarah says:

    Salam Brother,

    Well, you are right, twitter can be a nasty place at times. But when I was going through a rough patch and was looking for an avenue to calm and comfort myself, I found twitter and started following some of the muslim groups. It was such an uplifting experience to see people reminding each other to do good, i am a better person since then alhamdulillah. I thank god for twitter for helping me back on the path.

    So I say go ahead, continue with what you’re doing. You never know who’s life you may touch, insyallah 🙂

  6. Bilkisu says:

    You shouldn’t give up. The impact U are making may not be as tremendous as U expect but you sure touch people’s lives. Also, in thise era of social networking twitter is one of the places you’ll reach across a large number of muslim youth.
    The issue of the fitnah U raised is quite disturbing and one has to really be careful because it is easy to slip.
    May Allah guide us aright and may He bless your efforts and grant us aljannatul firdaws.

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