Qur’an Quiz 71 to 77: Questions

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Islam Quiz
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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

Here are the questions asked in the Qur’an quizzes I have held so far. Answers are on a separate post.

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  1. Quote the first verse from the 36th Surah of the Qu’ran and explain what it means
  2. What will bear witness against the disbelievers on Judgement Day? Clue: Surat Ya Sin (36:65)
  3. What killed the disbelievers, in Surat Ya Sin (36:29)?
  4. Who can we warn and give Dawah to, as described in Surat Ya Sin (36:11)?
  5. What will happen when the Trumpet is blown? Clue: Surat Ya Sin (36:51)
  6. What happens to one who is granted long life? Clue: Surat Ya Sin (36:68)
  7. What did the disbelievers threaten to do to the Messengers in Surat Ya Sin (36:18)?
  8. What is the Sign of Allah described in Surat Ya Sin (36:33)?
  9. Name 3 things the believers and their wives will be doing in Paradise? Clue: Surat Ya Sin (36:56-57)
  10. Quote Surat Ya Sin (36:22)

Answers can be found here


  1. Who is Allah referring to when He Says “By those” in Surat As-Saffat v1-3
  2. Who will be assembled together on the Day of Judgement, as mentioned in Surat As-Saffat v22
  3. What will happen to them? Clue: Surat As-Saffat v24
  4. Name 3 things that are for the believers in Paradise. Clue: Surat As-Saffat v42 – 49
  5. Who cannot listen to the angels (looking for news from the heavens)? Clue: Surat As-Saffat v7-8
  6. Who does the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) confirm? Clue: Surat As-Saffat v37
  7. What will the dwellers of the Hellfire be given to drink? Clue: Surat As-Saffat v67
  8. Quote Surat As-Saffat v20
  9. Describe the Tree of Zaqqum. Clue: Surat As-Saffat v63-65
  10. What did the dsbelievers do when it is said to them, “La ilaha IllAllah”? Clue: Surat As-Saffat v35

Answers can be found here


  1. Who was one of Allah’s believing slaves, as mentioned in Surat As-Saffat v81?
  2. Ismail (as) was willing to be sacrificed by Ibrahim (as). What was the key word he said on being patient? Clue: Surat As-Saffat v102
  3. Name the 5 Prophets that Allah sent Salaams on in Surat As-Saffat.  (v79 to v130)
  4. Who from the family of Prophet Lut (as) was not saved? Clue: Surat As-Saffat v133-135
  5. Quote Surat As-Saffat v86
  6. Who was the eldest of the sons of Ibrahim, Ismail and Ishaq? Clue: Surat As-Saffat v101 – 112
  7. Which idol did the people of Prophet Ilyas (as) worship? Clue: Surat As-Saffat v125
  8. In Surat As-Saffat 91, who is speaking to whom?
  9. If Prophet Yunus (as) did not praise Allah, how long would he have remained in the belly of the whale? Clue: Surat As-Saffat
  10. After Ibrahim (as) was saved by Allah from the fire, what did he say? Clue: Surat As-Saffat v99

Answers can be found here


  1. How many people did Allah Send to Prophet Yunus (as)? Clue: Surat As-Saffat v147
  2. Quote the first word of the 38th Chapter of the Qur’an and give its meaning
  3. Name the two Attributes of Allah mentioned in Surat As-Saffat v180
  4. Are angels male or female? Clue: Surat As-Saffat v150
  5. Why was Allah’s Torment justified on the disbelievers? Clue: Surat Saad v14
  6. Give the characteristics of those who disbelieve, as mentioned in Surat Saad v2
  7. Quote Surat As-Saffat v159
  8. Name the characteristics of Prophet Dawud (as) as mentioned in Surat Saad v17
  9. What did the Quraysh say about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)? Clue: Surat Saad v4
  10. Name three things about the angels mentioned in Surat As-Saffat v164 – 166

Answers can be found here


  1. What is Ishraq, as mentioned in Surat Saad v18
  2. Who was the son of Prophet Dawud (as)? Clue: Surat Saad v30
  3. What misleads from the Path of Allah? Clue: Surat Saad v26
  4. Name the 3 things given to Prophet Dawud (as) in Surat Saad v20
  5. Quote Surat Saad v39
  6. Why Did Allah Send the Qur’an to us? Clue: Surat Saad v29
  7. Why did Prophet Ayub (as) make dua to Allah in Surat Saad v41?
  8. How Did Allah Cure Prophet Ayub (as)? Clue: Surat Saad v42
  9. What was subjected to the will of Prophet Sulaiman (as) other than the wind? Clue: Surat Saad v35-39
  10. What was the mistake that Prophet Dawud (as) made? Clue: Surat Saad v24

Answers can be found here


  1. Name all the Prophets mentioned in Surat Saad v41 to 48
  2. What excuse do people make to take Auliya besides Allah? Clue: Surat Az-Zumar v3
  3. Does Iblees believe in Allah? Clue: Surat Saad v79
  4. Are all people equal? If yes, say why. If no, say why. Clue: Surat Az-Zumar v9
  5. Quote Surat Saad v67
  6. What is the Qur’an? Clue: Surat Saad v87
  7. How do we worship Allah? Clue: Surat Az-Zumar v11
  8. Why didn’t Iblees bow down in front of Adam (as)? Clue: Surat Saad v74
  9. Are we (Muslims) to bear the burden of another person? Clue: Surat Az-Zumar v7
  10. Quote Surat Az-Zumar v1

Answers can be found here


  1. What is the manifest loss? Clue: Surat Az-Zumar v15
  2. In Surat Az-Zumar v30, who will die?
  3. What will be said to the Zalimun on the Day of Judgement? Clue: Surat Az-Zumar v24
  4. When Allah Alone is mentioned, describe the hearts of the disbelievers. Clue: Surat Az-Zumar v45
  5. What is the reward of those who fear Allah and keep their duty to Allah? Clue: Surat Az-Zumar v20
  6. Describe the one who does the most wrong. Clue: Surat Az-Zumar v32
  7. Quote Surat Az-Zumar v25
  8. What happens to the believers when they hear or recite the Qur’an? Clue: Surat Az-Zumar v23
  9. Quote Surat Az-Zumar v31
  10. What does the Qur’an contain for mankind? Clue: Surat Az-Zumar v27

Answers can be found here

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