Qur’an Quiz 78 to 84: Answers

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Islam Quiz
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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

Here are the questions asked in the Qur’an quizzes I have held so far. Questions are on a separate post.

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  1. We should not despair of the Mercy of Allah, because Allah Forgives all sins
  2. Salamun Alaikum, you have done well so enter here to abide therein
  3. Allah Is the Creator of all things, and He Is the Wakil over all things
  4. They will all swoon away
  5. Suddenly, when you perceive it not.
  6. The angels will be surrounding the Throne of Allah from all sides and glorifying the praises of their Lord
  7. The whole of the earth will be grasped by the Hand of Allah and the heavens rolled up in His Right Hand
  8. And each person will be paid in full of what he did; and He Is Best Aware of what they do
  9. The faces will be black
  10. We will be judged by truth and we will not be wronged

Questions can be found here


  1. The life of this world is nothing but play and amusement
  2. Lut’s (as) wife
  3. The tree of Zaqqum
  4. Torah, Injeel and Qur’an
  5. Ayat-ul-Kursi
  6. No – because he had no authority over you – all he did was whisper and you responded
  7. Yajuj and Majuj
  8. …because he was not of the righteous
  9. He does not have with him the treasures of Allah, does not know the Unseen and is not an angel
  10. They will surge like waves on one another

Questions can be found here


  1. Ha Mim. No one knows the meaning of these letters except Allah
  2. No friend, nor an intercessor, who could be given heed to
  3. The disbelievers who dispute about the Ayat of Allah without authority
  4. The Hellfire
  5. They said to kill the sons of those who believe with them and let their women live
  6. They will go to the severest torment
  7. They glorify the praises of Allah, believe in Him and ask forgiveness for the believers who repent and save them from the Fire
  8. Allah Knows the fraud of the eyes, and all that the breasts conceal
  9. They will be asking if there is any way out of the fire.
  10. V36-37 A tower so that Firaun could go up and look upon the God of Musa (as)

Questions can be found here


  1. The invocation is nothing but in vain
  2. You should learn about the end of those before us, who were mightier in strength than us
  3. Verily, the Hour is surely coming, there is no doubt about it, yet most men believe not
  4. The arrogant
  5. Pride
  6. So we may ride on them or eat them, carry good and many other benefits
  7. Knowledge of worldly things
  8. Dust, nutfah, clot, infant, old age
  9. Because the Promise of Allah Is True
  10. Surat Ghaafir v57. The creation of the heavens and the earth is greater than the creation of mankind

Questions can be found here


  1. Ha Mim. No one knows the meaning of these letters except Allah
  2. 2 days, the lowest heaven was adorned with lamps (stars) as an adornment and to guard from the shaytaan
  3. angels
  4. He is just a human being like us
  5. Their hearing (ears), their eyes and their skin will testify against them
  6. “Who is mightier than us in strength?” – the US Government
  7. The devils; they make evil deeds and disbelief in the Ressurrection fair-seeming and denial of the Hereafter
  8. In Islam – 2 days. In Christianity – 6 days
  9. Allah Measured therein its sustenance in 4 days
  10. V16 – a furious wind was sent to them (Sa’iqah)

Questions can be found here


  1. Repel an evil deed with one which is better
  2. Nuh (as), Ibrahim (as), Musa (as), ‘Isa (as)
  3. And your Lord Is Not At All unjust to (His) slaves
  4. Ha Mim, ‘Ain Seen Qaaf
  5. Seek refuge in Allah
  6. They would rebel in the earth
  7. Allah’s Signs are in the universe and in people’s own selves
  8. Makkah
  9. An honourable, well-fortified, respected Book (mighty book)
  10. V30: Because of what our hands have earned

Questions can be found here


  1. The one who forgives and makes reconciliation
  2. Ships that are in the sea like mountains,they are motionless if Allah ceases the wind or they can be destroyed
  3. To convey the message
  4. The Consultation
  5. And verily, whosoever shows patience and forgives, that would truly, be from the things recommended by Allah
  6. …Verily all matters at the end go to Allah (for decision),  verse 53
  7. We should not make division
  8. Those who lose themselves and their families on the Day of Judgement
  9. Those who believe and do righteous deeds
  10. V51: by Revelation, from behind a veil, by Messenger to reveal what He Wills by His Leave

Questions can be found here

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