Qur’an Quiz 78 to 84: Questions

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Islam Quiz
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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

Here are the questions asked in the Qur’an quizzes I have held so far. Answers are on a separate post.

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  1. What should we not despair of and why in Surat Az-Zumar v53
  2. What will be said to the believers when they reach the Gates of Paradise? Clue: Surat Az-Zumar v73
  3. Quote Surat Az-Zumar v62
  4. What will happen to all in the heavens and the earth when the Trumpet is 1st blown? Surat Az-Zumar v68
  5. When will the torment come? Clue: Surat Az-Zumar v55
  6. Where will the believers of Paradise see the angels and what will the angels be doing? Clue: Surat Az-Zumar v75
  7. What will happen to the heavens and the earth on the Day of Judgement? Clue: Surat Az-Zumar v67
  8. Quote Surat Az-Zumar v70
  9. Describe the faces of those, on Judgement Day, who lied against Allah. Clue: Surat Az-Zumar v60
  10. How will we be judged on the Day of Judgement? Clue: Surat Az-Zumar v69

Answers can be found here


  1. Describe the life of this world as stated in Surah Al-An’am v32
  2. Who, from Lut’s (as) family, was NOT saved as mentioned in Surat Al-Ankabut v33
  3. What is the name of the accursed tree mentioned in Surat Al-Isra’ v60?
  4. Which 3 books are mentioned in Surah At-Taubah v111?
  5. What is the name of verse 255, Surah Al-Baqarah
  6. From Surah Ibrahim v22, can you blame Shaytaan for the sins you commit and why?
  7. Who will be let loose in Sura Al-Anbiya v96?
  8. In Surah Hud v46, why was Prophet Nuh’s (as) son NOT considered to be part of his family?
  9. Name the 3 things that the Prophet Muhammad is Commanded NOT to claim in Surah Al-An’am v50
  10. Describe how Ya’juj and Ma’juj will come out when they are released, as mentioned in Surat Al-Kahf v99

Answers can be found here


  1. Quote Surat Ghaafir v1 and what does it mean?
  2. What will there NOT be for the Zailmun on the Day of Judgement? Clue: Surat Ghaafir v18
  3. What does Allah and the believers hate and are disgusted by? Clue: Surat Ghaafir v35
  4. What is the ultimate end of those who disbelieve? Clue: Surat Ghaafir v6
  5. What did Firaun, Haman and Qarun threaten Musa (as) with in Surat Ghaafir v25
  6. Where will Pharaoh and his people go when the Hour is established? Clue: Surat Ghaafir v46
  7. What do the angels around the throne of Allah do? Clue: Surat Ghaafir v7
  8. Quote Surat Ghaafir v19
  9. What will the disbelievers be asking for as described in Surat Ghaafir v11?
  10. What did Pharaoh ask Haman to build and why? Surat Ghaafir

Answers can be found here


  1. Describe the invocation of the disbelievers who are in the Hellfire, when they ask for the torment to be lightened. Clue: Surat Ghaafir v50
  2. What should you learn when you travel the earth? Clue: Surat Ghaafir v82
  3. Quote Surat Ghaafir v59
  4. Hell is the abode of what kind of people? Clue: Surat Ghaafir v76
  5. What is in the breasts of those who dispute the Ayats of Allah? Clue: Surat Ghaafir v56
  6. Name 2 of the benefits of cattle. Clue: Surat Ghaafir v79-80
  7. With which knowledge are the disbelievers happy with? Clue: Surat Ghaafir v83
  8. Name the 5 stages of creation of mankind (life). Clue: Surat Ghaafir v67
  9. Why should we be patient? Clue: Surat Ghaafir v77
  10. What is greater than the creation of mankind, as described in Surat Ghaafir?

Answers can be found here


  1. Quote Surat Fussilat v1 and what does it mean?
  2. How long did it take to create the seven heavens and describe the lowest heaven. Clue: Surat Fussilat v12
  3. Who are the friends of the believers? Clue: Surat Fussilat v30-31
  4. How is Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) like us? Clue: Surat Fussilat v6
  5. What will testify against the disbelievers on the Day of Judgement? Clue: Surat Fussilat v20
  6. What did the people of ‘Ad used to say? Clue: Surat Fussilat v15. For bonus point, who has this characteristic today?
  7. Who are the intimate companions and what do they do? Clue: Surat Fussilat v25
  8. In Islam, in how many days was the earth Created? For a bonus point, how many days in Christianity? Clue: Surat Fussilat v9
  9. What took four days according to Surat Fussilat v10?
  10. How were the people of ‘Ad punished in Surat Fussilat?

Answers can be found here


  1. How do we repel an evil deed? Clue: Surat Fussilat (Mu’min) v34
  2. Name the Messengers of Allah mentioned in Surat Ash-Shura v13
  3. Quote the last sentence of Surat Fussilat v46
  4. Quote Surat Ash-Shura v1-2
  5. What should you do if shaytaan whispers to you? Clue: Surat Fussilat v36
  6. What would happen if Allah Enlargened the Provision for His slaves? Clue: Surat Ash-Shura v27
  7. Where are Allah’s Signs? Clue: Surat Fussilat v53
  8. What is the Mother of the Towns? Clue: Surat Ash-Shura v7
  9. Describe the Qur’an, as mentioned in Surat Fussilat v41
  10. Why does misfortune befall us? Clue: Surat Ash-Shura

Answers can be found here


  1. What is better than taking revenge for an evil that has been done to you? Clue: Surat (42) Ash-Shura v39-40
  2. Describe the sign mentioned by Allah in Surat (42) Ash-Shura v32-34
  3. What was the duty given to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by Allah? Clue: Surat (42) Ash-Shura v48
  4. What does Ash-Shura mean?
  5. Quote Surat (42) Ash-Shura v43
  6. Complete the verse in Surat (42) Ash-Shura: The Path of Allah to Whom Belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth…
  7. What should we NOT do in deen/religion? Clue: Surat (42) Ash-Shura v13
  8. Who are the losers? Clue: Surat (42) Ash-Shura v45
  9. Whose dua does Allah Answer? Clue: Surat (42) Ash-Shura v26
  10. Name the 3 Ways Allah speaks to man. Clue: Surat (42) Ash-Shura

Answers can be found here

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