Qur’an Quiz 92 to 98: Answers

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Islam Quiz
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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

Here are the questions asked in the Qur’an quizzes I have held so far. Questions are on a separate post.

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  1. Cursed are the liars
  2. In pairs
  3. v41: the barren wind
  4. Ar-Razzaq (All-Provider), Dhul-Quwwat (Owner of Power), Al-Mateen (Most Strong)
  5. The earth and in ourselves
  6. V55: Reminders
  7. V44: Sa’iqah – awful cry
  8. Angel Jibreel and two other angels
  9. Because they didn’t eat what Ibrahim (as) put before them
  10. To destroy the town of Lut (as) and punish them with stones of baked clay

Questions can be found here


  1. The House above the Kaaba, above the heavens, where the angels visit continuously
  2. Fruit, meat and wine
  3. Soothsayer, madman, poet
  4. They are playing with falsehood
  5. Verily the Torment of your Lord will surely come to pass
  6. The Most Subtle, Kind, Courteous and Gentle
  7. They will be pushed down by force, with a horrible, forceful pushing
  8. Torment in this world and in their graves
  9. The heavens will shake with a dreadful shaking and the mountains will move away with a (horrible) movement
  10. V1- 5: Tur (Mount), the Book Inscribed, Al-Bait Al-Ma’mur, the roof raised high, the sea kept filled

Questions can be found here


  1. The Star
  2. We should not describe ourselves as pure or with purity
  3. A lote-tree of the utmost boundary over the seventh heaven beyond which none can pass
  4. The first (the world) and the last (the Hereafter)
  5. Prophet Muhamms (pbuh). He speaks not from his own desires
  6. Christianity. Because no person shall bear the sins of another – Christians say Jesus (as) bears our sins
  7. Indeed he did see of the Greatest Signs, of his Lord
  8. They are not female but no narration confirms if they are male
  9. The Prophet’s (pbuh) ascension to the seven heavens during Al-Mi’raj
  10. v19-20: Al-Lut and Al-Uzza and Manat

Questions can be found here


  1. The moon was cleft asunder – split
  2. With Qadar
  3. A violent storm of stones was sent against them because they practiced sodomy and homosexuality
  4. V38: early in the morning
  5. Hastening towards the caller. The disbelievers will say, , “This is a hard Day”.
  6. They will be in the midst of Gardens and Rivers in Paradise, in a seat of truth near Allah.
  7. From the heavens and the earth
  8. Mujrimun = disbelievers, sinners, polytheists, criminals. They will be dragged to Hell on their faces
  9. Al-Lauh Al-Mahfuz
  10. V17 & v22 & v40: The Qur’an is easy to understand and to remember

Questions can be found here


  1. The herbs/stars and the trees
  2. Chaste female wives, desiring none except their husbands
  3. Is there any reward for good other than good?
  4. Man – from sounding clay like pottery; Jinn from smokeless fire
  5. V2: Qur’anV4: eloquent speech
  6. Fruits, date-palms and pomegranates
  7. V64: Dark green
  8. It separates the salt water from the fresh water
  9. The Day of Judgement
  10. 31

Questions can be found here


  1. The Day of Judgement
  2. Al-Lauh Al-Mahfuz
  3. Is it you who create it or are We the Creator?
  4. Dirty, evil, vain, false talk
  5. They will enter Paradise
  6. They will enter Hell
  7. To bring back the soul to its body
  8. Among thornless Lote trees; Among Talh (banan trees) with fruit piled one above each other; in shade long-extended; by water flowing constantly; on couches/thrones raised high; virgins of Paradise
  9. Verse 52 – the Tree of Zaqqum
  10. V19 – there is no bad effect as described in this verse

Questions can be found here


  1. The First, The Last, the Most High, the Most Near, the All-Knower
  2. It shall be increased manifold and theirs shall be an honourable good reward
  3. Play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting, rivalry in respect of wealth and children, likeness of vegetation after rain (pleasing to the tiller then it dries up and turns yellow)
  4. Compassion and mercy
  5. Paradise
  6. V15: The Fire of Hell
  7. Prideful boasters
  8. Know that Allah Gives life to the earth after its death! Indeed We Have Made Clear the Ayat to you, if you but understand
  9. V22: The Book of Decrees – Al-Lauh Al-Mahfuz
  10. V4: 6 days and Allah Rose over the Throne

Questions can be found here

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