Racist attack prompts slack court sentence: Amanda Lowe’s 4th conviction

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Standing up against Wrongdoings, Terrorists against Islam
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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

The following is a disturbing account of a racist case in Manchester, UK. Here, a mother, drunk and looking after two children, delivers racist abuse on a Muslim, in front of her kids, stamping on his head. This is an example of some of the lowest in society benefiting from a court system that is unfair and unjust. Her sentence was very light compared to the weight of her actions. Compare this with the heavy sentences of those who took part in the London riots in 2011, where people stole and damaged property – but when it comes to abusing and physically assaulting a Muslim, that’s a lesser crime, according to the UK legal system.

Taken from digitaljournal.com and written by John Thomad Didymus (link to his article):

Watch nursing mother Amanda Lowe launch racist attack on ‘Paki’

Manchester – CCTV caught the moment a drunk mother Amanda Lowe, 26, launched an unprovoked attack on a Pakistani Khuram Nisar, stamping on his head in the presence of her eight-year-old and four-month-old children, calling her victim “f*****g Paki” and “terrorist.”

However, in spite of the shocking violence, a Manchester Crown Court allowed her to walk free on Friday.

The Sun reports that the judge freed Lowe in spite of previous convictions, saying that sending her to jail would have a negative impact on her children. Lowe has two children and was pregnant with a third when she appeared in court.

The CCTV footage shows her at about 8.15 p.m. on May 21 this year, pushing a pram that carried her four-month-old baby. The footage shows her leaving her children several yards behind to join her boyfriend Wesley Earls, 26, and cousin Daniel Wray, 21, in an attack on Nisar. According to The Sun, Lowe had called Nisar a “f****** Paki” and a “terrorist.” When Nisar told Lowe’s boyfriend Wesley, to “control his woman,” Wesley and Wray approached him and punched him to the ground. Lowe then joined in the attack, kicking Nisar, who had fallen to the ground, repeatedly in the face and head before she returned to her children.

According to The Mirror, Nisar was passing through Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester City on his way home from work when the incident happened. Piccadilly Gardens was crowded with people enjoying the evening sunshine when Lowe, who had been drinking alcohol with her companions, began shouting abuse at Nisar.

The Daily Mail reports that the disturbing footage was released by the Crown Prosecution Service. The incident happened in the presence of several bystanders who were unable to intervene. The group inflicted bruise and cuts on Nisar’s head and body.

The fact that the case was Lowe’s fourth conviction in six years has sparked a controversy with many saying that letting her walk free reinforces the impression that she can attack “foreigners” with impunity and get away with it. Her body language and action as she returns to the pram shows she was pleased and impressed with her action. She even demonstrates to a friend how she assaulted Nisar by swinging her legs as she pushes her baby girl along in the pram.

The Daily Mail reports that Lowe and her companions were arrested in Oldham Street 20 minutes after the attack. According to the Daily Mail, Judge Lindsey Kushner QC, told Lowe of Rochdale Road, Blackley, Manchester, that she was spared jail only because of the potential consequences to her children. The judge said: “Your record is terrible for violence given that you are 26 years of age. The damage you are doing to your children… seeing you drunk, the risk you put them at… is disgraceful. Somebody who behaves like that when they are drunk I would think you have to keep a very careful eye on as a mother. Kids who have mothers who behave like you end up behaving like you. That damage starts from when they are tiny. People have been killed and maimed through being kicked in the head.”

Lowe admitted to a “charge of racially aggravated assault occasioning bodily harm.” She was given a 12-month sentence suspended for two years and an order to attend a program for female offenders. The conviction is her fourth in six years. She and her companions have 21 previous convictions between them.

The Huffington Post reports that Earls, of Old Market Street, Blackley, Manchester; Lowe, of Rochdale Road, also Blackley, and Wray, of Ludlow Avenue, Salford were each given a 12-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, and a two-year supervision order. However, when the court was told that Wray had failed to comply with a previous supervision order, the Judge warned them it was their last chance and that they would go to jail if they offended again.

According to The Sun, the judge commented on the CCTV facility, saying: “It is fantastic to have this CCTV footage. It is good to see the events as they happened because they are horrifying when you see them.” He added: “I think all of you can think yourselves lucky. She (Lowe) was in that state in charge of two children. That in itself is a criminal offence – drunk in charge of a child. It is disgraceful. How irresponsible can you get? You could easily have been dealing with a care case here.”

Complete injustice!

Stand Up 4 Islam!

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