Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

100 Ramadan Tips also available on Youtube

  1. Put Allah first
  2. Remember Allah Much throughout the day and night
  4. Be more patient with those who do not know better
  5. Read more Qur’an AND understand its meaning
  6. Don’t Lie
  7. Don’t Slander others
  8. Don’t Backbite
  9. Don’t swear
  10. Grow a beard and keep it – it’s a strong sunnah
  11. Help your sister in Islam
  12. Help your brother in Islam
  13. Give more in Sadaqah (Charity)
  14. Start to Learn and Follow Islam with Knowledge – don’t just rely on hearsay (even from a religious leader)
  15. Remove yourself from bad company. Join good company
  16. Become a role model Muslim
  17. Pray more than the Fard (Obligatory)
  18. Set achievable goals (eg. read 4 pages of the Qur’an after every salaah)
  19. Try to forgive those who have hurt you
  20. Lower your gaze, especially in the Summer months
  21. Purify your intentions
  22. Start wearing hijaab and abaya
  23. Get rid of bad habits
  24. Stop smoking
  25. Stop Sheesha
  26. Stop fighting and start uniting in Islam
  27. Sisters, wear loose clothing that doesn’t reveal your beauty
  28. Think of those less fortunate than yourselves
  29. Frequent the masjid
  30. Excel in good deeds
  31. Be a good neighbour
  32. Look for Laylatul Qadr on the odd nights of the last 10 days of Ramadan
  33. Ask Allah regularly for His forgiveness and His Mercy
  34. Don’t see yourself as being better than others
  35. Don’t argue. Listen
  36. Change your attitude to one that is better
  37. Stop listening to music
  38. Read about Islam and educate others with a pleasant approach
  39. Memorise more of the Qur’an
  40. Perform I’tikaaf if you are able (seclusion during the last 10 days of Ramadan)
  41. Spread salaams
  42. Look for the good in people rather than the bad
  43. Learn about morals and manners in Islam
  44. Don’t just pray the taraweeh prayers – establish your obligatory prayers
  45. Try to avoid things that are not from Islam (eg. birthdays)
  46. When you feel hungry, think of those who have no food and water
  47. Always think of Allah in everything you do
  48. Establish your day around prayer rather than prayer around your day
  49. Visit your parents and be kind to them
  50. Take suhoor before fasting
  51. Break your fast with a date
  52. Don’t over-eat when you break your fast
  53. Don’t offend others
  54. Always be polite
  55. Be generous to others
  56. Try not to waste your time
  57. Take yourself away from haraam relationships (eg. boyfriend/girlfriend)
  58. Recognise that there is always something you can improve in your character and in your knowledge
  59. Try not to turn down an invitation to an Iftar
  60. Don’t over-exert yourself during the day, so you make yourself weak or longing food and water
  61. Do not engage in physical/sexual relations with your spouse during fasting hours
  62. Fulfil the rights of others (your husband, wife, parents, children, neighbours etc)
  63. Learn the Names & Attributes of Allah
  64. Read about Paradise
  65. Read about the Day of Judgement
  66. Read about Hell
  67. Be grateful to Allah for whatever He Has Given you
  68. Do not commit shirk – if you don’t know what it is, read about it
  69. Make intention to fast BEFORE you start fasting
  70. Make wudhu when you wake up – it will help to fully awaken you
  71. Establish Islamic gatherings
  72. Try to start learning Arabic
  73. Don’t waste food and water
  74. Take part in a family Islamic quiz or contest – or establish one
  75. Tell non-Muslims you are regularly in contact with about fasting
  76. Establish Islam in your house and amongst your family
  77. Rebuild bridges that you had thought you had totally burnt
  78. Follow the advice of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – eat one third, drink one third and leave one third of your stomach empty
  79. Go for a short walk after Iftar – it’s sunnah to walk after eating
  80. Make a list of duas and memorise them – recite them especially before breaking your fast
  81. Control your tongue
  82. Try to bring khushoo into your prayers
  83. Make intention of what you will try to improve the next day
  84. Remember death
  85. Pray on time
  86. Visit the sick
  87. Give da’wah to others (Muslims as well as non-Muslims)
  88. Don’t show off
  89. Replace fizzy drinks with water and eat healthily (obviously outside of fasting hours)
  90. Establish these Islamic habits with your children and family and friends
  91. Learn about what is going on with other Muslims around the world
  92. Do not fast if your health will seriously suffer from it
  93. Break your fast if there is a danger to your health
  94. Make time for Islam in your life
  95. Don’t procrastinate
  96. Sleep wisely – These next few years (especially in the UK) the fasting day is long, so ensure you get enough rest
  97. Don’t forget to give your fitrana before Eid Salaah
  98. Call for ONE EID – anyone who divides the Ummah should be challenged
  99. Make Eid special so that future generations cherish it
  100. Keep Islamic habits going after Ramadan has ended

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  2. […] Ramadan: 100 Ramadan Tips and Suggestions […]

  3. […] Ramadan: 100 Ramadan Tips and Suggestions […]

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