Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

Yet another Ramadan in which the unscrupulous and barbaric Israelis turn to bombing Muslims in Palestine!


I make dua that Allah Punishes the oppressors

I make dua that Allah Protects the Muslims

I make dua that Allah Unites the Ummah in this time of need, where the world just watches Israelis methodically kill Muslims in Palestine

I make dua that Allah Gives Strength to the scholars to speak out against oppression, instead of performing khutbas that do not address the needs of the Ummah

I make dua that Allah Helps the Muslims to see past their bickerings and wake up to the fact that Islam is under attack, so bickering doesn’t help

I make dua that Allah Strengthens the Ummah with righteous leaders

I make dua that Allah Opens the eyes of the Ummah to putting Islam first

I make dua that Allah Exposes the hypocrites who would lull the Ummah to sleep

I make dua that Allah Replace corrupt leaders with those who are filled with justice

I make dua that Allah Admits into Paradise those killed in the unlawful attacks by the Israelis

I make dua that Allah Increases our Imaan so we can help the Ummah and our brothers and sisters in Islam who are in need

I make dua that Allah Makes us not of those who are cowardly

I make dua that Allah Puts Compassion and Conviction in our hearts so we do not merely condemn wrong actions from the comfort of our armchairs

I make dua that Allah Answers my duas for His is the best Answer.

Stand Up 4 Islam!

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  1. Humaira says:

    I make dua that our brothers and Sisters around the world open their hearts and open their minds to the true faith of Islam and follow it as Allah prescribed, to stop Wishing for things that you do not have but started to thank Allah for what you do you have for right now there are brothers and sisters and children around the world have lost their families, their limbs, their homes, who stood thirsty and hungry even before Ramadan began, their only crime was being Muslim.
    I pray that our faith is exponentially strengthened , our Ummah unites and protects each other, may we rise out of the ashes that has been created by the enemies of our beautiful faith and our corrupt leaders, may they stand motionless and unable to speak ill or bring anymore harm to our innocent brotheren, Ameen!

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