Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

Despite the hundreds murdered by Israelis, thousands that have been injured and tens of thousands whose homes have been destroyed, Palestine is not under attack.


It’s time to stop making this an issue about Palestine – it isn’t. Islam is not a natioanlistic religion. Muslims are not nationalists – wherever there are Muslims in the world, they are our concern and there is no barrier between us and them. This is not an attack on Palestine, this is an attack on the Muslim Ummah, this is an attack on Islam. And the Israelis will never leave us in peace.

Israel hides behind excuses, pretending to be the victim. But the numbers and facts say otherwise:

  • over 350 Muslims in Gaza murdered, many children, described as ‘terrorist threats’ and acceptable human collateral (according to the BBC, who is pro-Israeli reporting)
  • more than 2,800 Muslims have been injured from the attacks
  • more than 50,000 Muslims in Gaza have been seeking shelter from the attacks (according to the UN, which idly stands by and allows Israel to continue the massacres)
  • Less than 10 Israelis dead in comparison (is an Israeli life worth more than the hundreds of Muslims killed and butchered by Israelis?)

All that Barack Obama can do is say that he’s “deeply concerned” – what a helpful statement! All talk and no action. Gaza has a population of around 1.8 million Muslims – when will the Israelis be satisfied? When all our Muslims brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers and children are dead? There is more to the bombings and killings than the powers-to-be will admit to. They stand without action, allowing innocents to be killed. They do this time and again. They have done this for the past 56 years.

Isn’t it time that Muslims stopped listening to the hypocrisy? The USA and UK and European allies have no interest in saving Muslim lives – they would have done this in the past 56 years but haven’t. There’s no point in protesting to powers who are not interested in listening to our pleas.

It’s time that Muslims took control of the situation and started to pressure the neighbouring Muslim countries to step in and stop the hostilities, to defend Muslims in Gaza, to defend the Ummah and Islam.


Muslim children targetted by Israel

Muslim children targetted by Israel

A Muslim child cries not to be left alone because his family is dead

A Muslim child cries not to be left alone because his family is dead

Who can abstain from crying and feeling empty in their hearts after seeing this

Who can abstain from crying and feeling empty in their hearts after seeing this

Ummah in Gaza under attack by Israelis

Ummah in Gaza under attack by Israelis

Ummah in Gaza under attack by Israelis

Ummah in Gaza under attack by Israelis


Proests around the world – but what will they achieve?


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  1. Lailah/Yusuf says:

    As salaamu alaikum, This made me very sad. May Allah grant them Jannah and those that survived return to good health. From Laiah 8 years old and Yusuf 10 years old. allahu Akbar

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  3. Tina Lewis says:

    No one will stand up to Israel and when they do they are called terrorists. Most of the world stands with Gaxa but there are still brainwashed people in the us thanks to Zionist kingpin Rupert Murdoch and Fox News. It is disgusting and terrible and I am so tired of hearing Israel has a right to defend themselves. Guess what so does Palestine!!!!! And that is all Hamas was doing!!!! How can the Jews who run the US media live with themselves? You pushed a lie to that Palestine started this but it was Israel. How can you ever live with yourself? You gave Israel a free pass murder children and that is disgraceful, I am embarrassed to say I am from America. We are the land that supports Zionist Israel, the genociders of Palestine and murderers of children. The right wing nut jobs need to STFU about abortion because you have supported something so evil, so vile , so sickening, that a special place in hell must exist for you! Hang your head in shame you to Israel Zionist pigs! I feel like I have been forced to sit and watch the holocaust of Palestine! Hitler was right and I will never let my own kids be indoctrinated with your stories of the German Holocaust. You are so evil and sick you Zionist pigs!

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  5. Gulam Taj says:

    The people who should lead this r busy in Making coalition with the Israels suppoters to crackdown on a Muslim army in one or other excuse n Muslim leaders n king r just interested in their own RULE N KINGDOM which wont survive long without us A Muslim Aawam (people)

  6. Muhammad yaseen says:

    The Justice will come only one way khital fesabillilah… .. …….

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