#WatchIsrael | Overview of Israeli ceasefire violations since Aug 12, 2014

Posted: August 19, 2014 in Unity

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Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

WatchIsrael-Ceasefire-violationAug 17, 2014 by occpal

Currently a so called ‘humanitarian ceasefire’ is in force. But not really. Israel keeps violating ceasefires as usual and structurally. The previous truce agreement was violated at least 287 times. A complete overview of all documented attacks can be found here.

Important to know…

Whether media buzzes about a ‘ceasefire’ in force, Israel kills many more by deliberate deprivation, policies, and all thinkable ways of genocide by proxy in Gaza causing ‘slow but certain death’. Media seldom launching ceasefire-violations by Israel is also complicit in burying reports of deliberate near starvation policies since 2006. Excess death and collective punishment of 1.8 Million people in Gaza and it’s effects is described by  Israeli NGO GISHA’s report: Slow Death of Gaza

Not only in Gaza, but also in West Bank infringement of basic human rights has lead to widely unknown death toll. Read about…

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