Allah is Our Lord: Free Wallpapers to download

Posted: September 19, 2014 in Unity
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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

I’ve designed some wallpapers for free distribution:

Allahu Akbar med Allah Provides-Sustains med
Allah is the Sustainer med Allah is The Most Merciful med
Allah is the Most High med Allah is the Fashioner med
 Allah is the Ever Living med Allah is the Creator med
Allah is Perfect med Allah is ONE med
Allah is My Lord and Your Lord med  Allah is All Mighty med
 Allah is the All Knowing med  Allah is the Ever Lasting med


 Allah is the Light med  Allah is the First and the Last med
 Allah is the Most Kind med  Allah is the Lord med
 Allah is the Most Benificent med  Allah is the Maker med
 Allah is Worthy of All Praise med  Allah is The Accepter of Repentance med
 Allah is The Protector med  Allah is The Holy med
 Allah is Free from all defects med  Allah is The Compeller med
 Allah is The Giver of Security med  Allah is The Oft Pardoning med
 Allah is The Rich med  Allah is The Supreme med
 Allah is The Swift in Reckoning med  Allah is The Most High Az-Zaahir med
 Allah is Al-Azeem med  Allah is Al-Haleem med
 Allah is Al-Khabeer med  Allah is Al-Samee med
 Allah is Al-Baseer med  Allah is Al-Lateef med
 Allah is Al-Mawlaa med 

Allah is Al-Mubeen med


Allah is Al-Baari med Allah is Ar-Rahman med
 Allah is As-Salaam med
 Allah is Al-Mutakabbir med
































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  1. Gannykay kay says:

    I love islam

  2. Ayan says:

    Very nice article,I love Islam

  3. Md. Shahadat Hossain Sajjad says:


  4. Adeyemo Zainab says:

    Ma share Allabu

  5. Adeyemo Zainab says:




  7. muhamad sayyad azar says:


  8. ABDULHANNAN says:

    intresting page.

  9. Yusuf Saeed Omuseyi says:

    I love all these wallpapers. Please try and do for our Holly prophet S.A.W

  10. […] Firstly, and this is the key point, Christmas is the religious festival of the Christians – this is a time that is one of the most holiest for them. It means a lot to them – it means that they are celebrating the birth of JESUS Christ, who they MISTAKENLY BELIEVE IS THE SON OF GOD. This is the worst sin that you could commit and even worse if you die believing this. This is completely incompatible with Islam. All Muslims should know that THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD – ALLAH. There is no other deity, there is nothing equal to Allah, there is nothing that can be compared to Allah – there simply is no son of God, no family of God, there is only God – Allah, The Benificent, The Most Merciful. […]

  11. Abdulkareem Mudathir Olaitan says:


  12. fayrooz says:

    Stunning Masha Allah

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