Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

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Ramadan is one of the four sacred months in Islam. It’s a pillar of Islam and has huge benefits and rewards. It’s a time for worship, improving yourself both physically and mentally, thinking about and helping others, giving in charity, learning about Islam, strengthening your imaan and the Ummah. The posts listed below will insha’Allah contribute to this.

Stand Up 4 Islam!

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Ramadan 2016: Fasting Basics

Ramadan 2016: 100 Ramadan Tips & Suggestions

Ramadan 2016: Boycott Israeli Dates

Ramadan 2016: A dua for Ramadan

Ramadan 2016: Some Do’s and Don’ts

Ramadan 2016: Benefits of Fasting

Ramadan 2016: Make a change in this month of fasting

Download a copy of the Qur’an and other Islamic literature

Download Islamic Posters

Last Sermon of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Learn about your Lord and my Lord

How to Pray Part 1: Cleanliness

How to Pray Part 2: Getting ready for Prayer

How to Pray Part 3: The Call to Prayer

How to Pray Part 4: Performing the Prayer

Prayer in Islam: Dress Code Guidelines

Get a boost in the Sacred Months

Always Ramadan

Recitation of the Qur’an and Adhaan

Calling for One Eid

It’s about time Muslims…

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