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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Those idiots are at it again!

Creating mischief, mayhem, fear and ignorance wherever they go! They are ruffians, troublemakers, bigots, the dregs of society!

They are the EDL – the notorious English Defence League.

You may have heard of them. If you haven’t be warned – they spread nothing but hatred and supremacy in favour of ‘British’ people; meaning ‘white’ people (even though they have their token Indian member!! Poor guy, doesn’t even know when he’s being used!). The EDL is an ANTI-ISLAM, ANTI-MUSLIM group, full of louts and thugs and football hooligans. They have been campaigning across the country and caused upheaval, stress in communities, created divides amongst peaceful people, and spread fear and hatred of Islam and Muslims wherever they have gone. They verbally abuse and attack Muslim men, women and children. They hold nothing sacred except their own Nazi-like, supremacy values. They supported the burning of the Qur’an, the banning of the burka, the ridicule of our Muslim women, attack our Masjids and caused fights within the towns and cities that they have visited.

Does the EDL represent you? Is this the kind of behaviour you want to be known for? If so, SHAME ON YOU!

The EDL are holding demonstrations on Saturday 27th November 2010 in Preston, Peterborough and Nuneaton as well. They made a surprise visit to Wolverhampton, last week on Saturday 20th November 2010 and were quickly dispatched by the Police. Stall holders in Preston have already said that they will be closed during the demonstration by the EDL – look at the fear that is spreading with the very mention of this facist, extremist, right wing group!

I commend the Muslims and non-Muslims who actually do turn up and demonstrate AGAINST the EDL. I commend the Hope Not Hate campaign and the United Against Facism group, who are actually doing a lot of leg work against the EDL.


How much more of this despicable and disgusting behaviour do we have to put up with – all in the name of Freedom of Speech??? If a Muslim cleric was chanting the kind of things that the EDL chant, he would have been arrested, locked up and sent to Guantanamo Bay under terrorist charges. Just look at the double standards on portray here for all to see.

Where’s the terrorist squad now? Why aren’t they doing something about the EDL and keeping our streets safe from them? Why aren’t there any sentences and court cases brought against EDL members who incite hatred and violence in each and every demonstration they have held? Why? Why? Why?

If the roles were reversed and it was Muslims who were holding demonstrations, we probably wouldn’t even get THAT far! We would probably have all been arrested and banged up in a cell, awaiting an unfair court trial with no definite date of release, with no word to our families of our whereabouts, with an extremely stiff sentence for doing nothing more than speaking. That’s what would have happened to Muslims under the terrorist laws of this country.

So why don’t these laws apply to the English Defence League? From where I see it, they do apply but the authorities are choosing not to do anything about it. Where’s the justice in this? There isn’t any when it comes to Muslims.

Everyone is quick to jump whenever anyone even squeaks something anti-semetic! Everyone is quick to condemn whenever there’s anything said against the ‘6 million jews killed in the second world war’. Why isn’t the same being applied to Anti-Islam, Anti-Muslim groups like the English Defence League, the National Front, the British National Party?

Do you not see the hypocrisy here?

It’s time Muslims, non-Muslims, those who would see and support justice, started to stand up and stand against this behaviour. And I’m not talking only about the EDL and groups like them. I’m talking about the Government, the Police authorities, the Home Office, the judicial system – all of these have a hand in being fair to the citizens of this country and yet, by allowing the antics of the EDL to continue, they are clearly showing where their priorities lie and where Muslims sit in all of this – Muslims are being made out to be the third class citizens of this country.

We are NOT third class citizens. We work as hard as everyone else, we contribute as much as everyone else, we pay our taxes as much as everyone else, we make mistakes and commit crimes as much as everyone else. BUT we are NOT beneath everyone else!

Enough of the double standards! Enough of the hypocrisy!

Stand Up 4 Islam!



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Don’t fall into the English Defence League trap

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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

Some of you will by now be familiar with my blogs on the terrorist activities of the EDL (English Defence League). If not, I will list the links at the bottom of this post but there’s a wealth of information about the EDL on the web.

So the EDL came to Leicester on Saturday 9th October 2010 and, again, were sent packing by the locals and those who came to defend the communities and stood up against the evil ways of the EDL. Yes, there’s no other way to describe the EDL – they are EVIL (Evil Defence League). In Leicester, as they did in Bradford on August 28th 2010, the EDL protestors threw smoke bombs at the police. Some also ran away from the protest area and ended up clashing with Asian youths.

Reports about the EDL’s despicable behaviour in Leicester:


Wherever the EDL have gone, they have caused trouble for those communities, stirred up and incited hatred and caused damage to community relations, insulted people and their religion, and caused mayhem. On top of that, it costs the UK taxpayer millions (yes, millions) in policing, preparing for the EDL protests and then trying to bring peace and order to these communities after the EDL have left. The Bradford protest preparations alone are amounting into millions of pounds (if you’re not convinced, send in a Freedom of Information request to Bradford Council or West Yorkshire Police). This level of disruption should not be allowed to continue. There is a line to be drawn between protesting peacefully and inciting hatred and violence. The EDL have proven time and time again that they are not peaceful, they are violent. They do not promote peace but incite hatred towards Muslims.

How many times does the Home Secretary have to ban a march by the EDL? Why even impose a ban unless there was the threat of violence, of public safety being at risk? This is ridiculous! There is a limit to freedom of speech and the EDL have crossed it time and time again. It’s time that the government banned groups like the EDL and the BNP (British National Party), or even arrested them for inciting hatred. You cannot allow freedom of speech when that speech clearly leads to people taking up violence to drive out and persecute others. Or is that we turn a blind eye when Muslims are persecuted?

With the new terrorism laws, there have been a number of Muslim clerics who have been arrested for inciting hatred – some have even been deported from the UK. This was done on very little evidence. Now here is the EDL, inciting hatred, clearly racist and demonstrating with violence – many a video on YouTube testifies to the violent and extreme nature of the EDL. There is more evidence here than was used against Muslims in the ‘fight against terrorism’. What about the terrorism of the EDL? There is much concern about the issue of home-grown terrorists in the UK. Well, wake up everyone, EDL members are your terrorists and your extremists and your fundamentalists!

Why is there a double standard by the government here? Does the government actually agree with the EDL’s actions? Are they secretly happy to allow the EDL to go from city to city, from town to town, from community to community, spreading their hatred of the Muslims? If they aren’t, then why aren’t they taking the same action against these terrorists, that they do against ‘Muslim terrorists’? What’s their excuse this time?

Enough of these double standards. Ban the EDL!

Stand Up 4 Islam!
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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

The English Defence League (EDL) – a racist, terrorist and islamophobic activist group, full of thugs and fallouts from society – has been going round the UK, stirring up communities (both Muslim and non-Muslim) and spreading hatred. They came to Bradford on Saturday 28th August, trying to recreate the riots of nine years ago, trying to stir up trouble and leave the city in stress and turmoil. The opposite happened.

The people of Bradford, Muslims and non-Muslims, people from other cities and towns, coming from as far as London and Cardiff and Scotland, showed the EDL where to go. They sent a message to the EDL to leave Bradford alone, leave the Muslims alone, leave the communities alone – there’s no room for hatred in the city! The EDL were outnumbered, Muslim youths did not riot, non-Muslims stood firm as well and EDL were exposed to be racist, bigoted, mindless trash.

The EDL were sent packing from Bradford – a failed campaign! But now they are trying to cause trouble in Leicester on 9th October. These poor souls will just never learn. So we need to continue to send them a message! And keep sending them that message, wherever they go!

Stand up against the EDL and protest – peacefully and do not get drawn in by the hatred spread by the EDL. Have strong slogans against the EDL. Tell them they are not part of a tolerant British Society and have no room here in the UK – so maybe they should leave!

I have written about the EDL before, and yes, they are terrorists – terrorising people, spreading lies against Islam and Muslims, sometimes violently:
English Defence League show their true racist colours in Bradford, UK!
Don’t fall into the English Defence League trap!

There are campaign groups against the EDL, for example ‘United Against Facism’ and ‘Hope Not Hate’. But where is the Muslim campaign?

Oh Muslim Brothers and Sisters! You need to start Standing Up 4 Islam and being more organised in tackling, peacefully, the likes of the English Defence League, the BNP and other haters of Islam and Muslims. Don’t leave the hard work to others – after all, this is YOUR religion and it is YOU who is being targeted, YOUR SISTER who is being targeted, YOUR BROTHER who is being targeted, YOUR PARENTS who are being targeted, YOUR CHILDREN who are being targeted.

If you do not Stand Up 4 Islam and allow this hatred to spread, then you allow people to become brave enough to attack innocents (see my post on 13-year old boys attack Muslim schoolgirl). Is that what you want to allow to happen?

Stand up against those who spread hate against Islam and Muslims! Stand Up 4 Islam!


Here are some links to those who oppose the English Defence League:


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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

Saturday, 28th August 2010: It’s plain for all to see that the English Defence League weren’t out to campaign about human rights, or their rights in this country, or even the safeguarding of their culture. That was just a front.

Instead, they came out in numbers (but not the thousands that they claimed would turn up) and started to chant anti-Islam and racist remarks. This was not a protest – it was a chance for the EDL to show their anger, their intolerance and their violence! They threw bricks, bottles and smoke bombs – what does that prove, except that the EDL are a bunch of mindless thugs, who preach hate in the country. They should be arrested for this – Muslims have been arrested and deported for inciting hatred – so what about the EDL? Why should they roam free, causing chaos around the country?

It is a FACT that there has always been trouble whenever the EDL demonstrate!

Look at the mischief they cause:

The EDL chanted “We love the floods”, referring to the floods that has devastated Pakistan. Millions of people around the world, and hundreds of thousands (if not more) in the UK, have shown their concern for what has happened in Pakistan, and sent money, food, clothes etc as aid. So why chant such a horrendous thing? Why laugh at people who are suffering in the world? Do we really want people like this living in our neighbourhoods, in our country? They chant this because they are racist and have no heart for anyone but themselves. They are selfish and evil people, demonising and victimising innocent people, showing their contempt and hatred for Islam and Muslims, who make up one fifth of the world’s population!

The EDL chanted “Allah is a paedo” – astagfirullah. They show so much animosity towards Islam and our deen. Does this demonstrate any kind of intelligence on the EDL’s behalf? Does this show any respect at all for one of the major religions in the world today? Does this show peaceful intent?

The EDL clash with British Society – they are not British, they are brutes! Don’t believe me, just look at their behaviour, which speaks for itself.

The EDL threw bottles, bricks and smoke bombs. Smoke bombs!! So they came prepared and intent on causing mayhem and violence.

They came to provoke the Muslims, hoping to spark off another riot, similar to what happened in Bradford in 2001. They chose to ‘protest’ in the month of Ramadan. They chose to show their intolerance and hatred in Bradford, which has one of the largest Muslim communities in the UK. Why? They did all this on purpose. When they were rallying other EDL supporters, they claimed the Bradford event to be ‘the big one’ – no doubt they wanted to invoke such a disturbance that would outshadow all the good work the Bradford community has done to recover from the last race riots in 2001.

There are many non-Muslims in Britain who will stand up against the EDL, who do not agree with the EDL’s racist views and will defend Muslims and Muslim communities. I am pleased to see that there are so many people in the UK who can see right from wrong, where the EDL are concerned.

Muslims also stand up against the EDL and this is good to see – but do not stoop to the lowly level of the EDL. Muslims are not uncivilised like the EDL. Muslims should not act like the EDL – they should act better but also let the EDL know that we will not be walked over!

I applaud the people of Bradford, the Muslims and others who came to support those who spoke out against the English Defence League.

Stand Up 4 Islam!
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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

Word has started to get around about a group that’s travelling the nation, causing mischief, trouble, and trying to stir up hatred and animosity against our Muslim Communities in the UK.

What the English Defence League are doing is despicable! They are breeding hate and intolerance across the country and targeting Muslim communities. They’re not interested in building understanding, they’re not even interested in looking out for their fellow man. They’re just a bunch of thugs and football hooligans that believe every word in the Sun newspaper.

So it’s no secret that they are planning to protest in Bradford this summer, on 28th August. But they’re not really wanting to protest, they want to cause a clash – like the last Bradford riots, 9 years ago. And they want to get our younger Muslims jailed for actions that the EDL have provoked, whilst the EDL run away and hide!

The English Defence League is against Islam and Muslims. They are racist and this is evident in their behaviour. Foul-mouthed and with attitudes the size of the world on their shoulders, they blame Muslims for so much wrong. But in reality, these people may as well be Nazis and think they are the master race! They are linked to the British National Party, a party which has already been exposed to be racist. EDL, BNP, National Front, Combat 18 – these are all the same – different people but same objective – to rid the world of Islam and Muslims. They’re ignorant of the fact that Muslims have contributed so much to the UK, with business, culture, education and so on.

Even the Guardian and Daily Mail has picked up on the the violent nature of the EDL, which can only be seen as an extension of the BNP. See here:

And why protest in Bradford? Not many of the EDL that are coming, are actually local to Bradford. That’s the word from Bradford Council. So why have the EDL chosen Bradford? And why have they chosen to protest during the month of Ramadan? There can be no other motive except to create disorder, tension, intimidation and to provoke a riot! Bradford was unfortunately the host of riots in 2001 – and that was also caused by a planned protest. The English Defence League are well aware of this and it’s no accident that they’re targeting Bradford.

In fact, what have the Muslims of Bradford done to the EDL or to anyone in the community? What has any Muslim community done? Are they tearing down buildings and raping English women and burning down the Houses of Parliament? No, No and No! in fact Muslims in the UK are peace-loving and great people to be around – ask those of you who have Muslim friends.


The EDL is protesting against Muslims and Islam. Their view of an intolerant society is not in keeping with British society at all. Britain is a multi-ethnic country which propagates the respect of all cultures and religions. So, really, the EDL is anti-British and should be exposed as being such!

The EDL wants to provoke an incident and a civil disturbance – don’t fall into this trap and don’t play into their hands. Don’t get provoked by them but do stand up against them. Don’t get into fights with them but do speak out against them. The EDL are only allowed to voice their views. So do the same. Don’t let their accusations be left unchallenged. Let them know that they are not welcome in Bradford nor Britain!

But do not fight them. Rather point the police in their direction – that’s what the police are there to do.

There will be a counter protest, which is being held by United Against Facism, basically saying the EDL are not welcome in Bradford. Read about them here: and here:

In fact we need to go a step further and say the EDL are not wanted in Britain and they should leave Britain!

Don’t leave the EDL unchallenged. Stand up 4 Islam and Muslims!
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Follow-up blog:

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