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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)


Darren Osborne, the killer and attacker at FInsbury Park Mosque, shows the utmost intolerance for peace-abiding Muslims

It’s finally happened? Actually no! Muslims have been suffering from Islamophobia, fuelled by the media and intolerant sections of society, for almost two decades now. The sickening and revengeful attack by Darren Osborne upon innocent, peace-abiding worshippers at Finsbury Park Mosque, is just a high profile reminder of what Muslims in the UK have had to deal with for many years.

This is just an open example of what many Muslims, and other people from a minority background, have known existed in UK society – a deep and indiscriminate hatred for Muslims; a villifying sentiment that has run through society and been allowed, by the Government, to grow and grow. The media has fuelled this and, with their constant negative portrayal of Muslims, the media should shoulder some of the responsibility of what has happened at Finsbury Park Mosque.

It’s the inaction of the government and the demonisation of Muslims by the media that has led to this tragedy. Why wasn’t this man even on the terrorist squad’s radar? That’s just totally unacceptable and only goes to show that the government’s agenda has been primed against Muslims, and a token gesture to any other form of terrorism from white extremists.

This approach by the media and government is what seeds discord and divides communities – not the innocent Muslims!! It’s time people realised the hypocrisy of what is going on.

The face of a murderer, who planned his attack against innocents – will he be seen as a hero or terrorist?

Not only did this man live next to Muslims, he harboured his desire to harm others and planned his way to destroying the lives of not only those who died and were injured in the attack, but the lives of their families, friends and their communities.

This man is a coward! And those who support him cannot be described as anything but the worst of society.

There are many who support this coward’s actions – just visit Twitter and you will see the reaction of those who have hate flowing in their veins. Are they rounded up? Arrested? Thrown into prison for their intolerance and their inciting hatred?

And look at the response of those within the community!

Has the community around the Muslims come to their defence as readily as for any other attack we have witnessed on our screens recently? Are there hundreds and thousands of people crying for the injured and the dead in this attack?

Will the non-Muslim communities be pressured by the authorities to monitor individuals, and report them to the Counter Terrorism Squad?

Will the non-Muslim communities be made to speak out and denounce the actions of this terrorist, Darren Osborne?

Has the media covered the story with the same drive for justice as they had in previous incidents? Are their news-streams littered with analysis and constant reporting of eyewitnesses? Is their tone as serious as for other incidents?

Did the government’s counter-terrorist squad shoot down this Darren Osborne, as they have done with all the other attacks? Have they questioned the community at length and gone into the community, investigating and looking for further perpetrators, asking people to spy on their neighbours?

Did the Police ask for eyewitnesses to send in their videos to them?

Was the response of those who have been so vocal in the past, anywhere near as vocal as when a tragedy hits Muslims?

One of the homes connected to Darren Osborne under investigation by the Police. Was anyone raided in the middle of the night and women left terrified by strange, intimidating police officers banging the door down?

The answer, unfortunately, is No! No! No!

Only a few honest and kind-hearted individuals have come to the assistance of this Muslim community, who have suffered abuse and intolerance and racial undertones for many a year.

Only a few. Where are the rest of you good people?

Stand Up 4 Islam!



Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

If there was ever an example of the ignorant leading the blind, Trump is it. His inflammatory, outrageous and deliberate attempts to create a society of inequality and second class citizens are a disgrace to all mankind.

With a history of looking down on fellow countrymen as well as people from different nationalities and faiths, he cannot be solely held responsible. How can a person like this be allowed to speak in such a horrendous and offensive way and in such a public manner? Why has he not been arrested for inciting hatred?


If the tables were turned and it was a Muslim acting in this way, you can be sure that he would have been heading to Guantanamo Bay within a matter of minutes. He is denounced by the majority but is still left to stir up trouble, offend people and create a society of division.

Not only that, he is being allowed to run for President! Is that what it takes to run the country? Become a figurehead for hatred? This exposes the deep racism that exists today and those who follow Mr. Trump should be ashamed.



Stand Up 4 Islam!

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