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Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

The Story of Prophet Adam (as) is probably one of the most fundamental and important stories for, not only the Muslims, but for all mankind. We are told by Allah, about the Creation of the first man and woman, our purpose and how Shaytaan (also known as the devil or satan) caused the two of them to be expelled from Paradise and placed upon the earth, fulfilling the role that Allah Had Ordained for Adam and his wife, Hawa (Eve). We also learn about the fact that each and every one of us – Muslim and non-Muslim alike – have already born witness that Allah is our Lord alone. We learn that Shaytaan, or the devil (as he is referred to in Christian sources), was not one of the angels. Rather that he was of the Jinn and was elevated to a high status but was exposed for his pride and arrogance.

Stories Of The Prophets By Ibn Kathir

The following are some snippets of the Stories of the Prophets as written by the renowned scholar (masha’Allah), Ibn Kathir and translated by Sheikh Muhammad Mustafa Geme’ah (Office of the Grand Imam, Sheikh Al-Azhar). I hope you will find them beneficial, insha’Allah.

Almighty Allah Revealed:
“And surely, We created you (your father Adam) and then gave you shape (the noble shape of a human being), then We told the angels, “Prostrate to Adam”, and they prostrated, except Iblis, he refused to be those who prostrate. Allah said: “What prevented you (O Iblis) that you did not postrate when I commanded you?”

Iblis said: “I am better than him (Adam), You created me from fire and him You created from clay.”

Allah said: “O Iblis get down from this (Paradise), it is not for you to be arrogant here. Get out for you are of those humiliated and disgraced.”

Iblis said: “Allow me respite till the Day they are raised up (Day of Resurrection).”

Allah said: “You are of those allowed respite.”

Iblis said: “Because You have sent me astray, surely I will sit in wait against them (human beings) on Your Straight Path. Then I will come to them from before them and behind them, from their right and from their left and You will not find most of them as thankful ones (they will not be dutiful to You).”

Allah said: “Get out from Paradise, disgraced and expelled. Whoever of them (mankind) will follow you, then surely I will fill Hell with you all.”

“And O Adam! Dwell you and your wife in Paradise, and eat thereof as you both wish, but approach not this tree otherwise you both will be of the Zalimeen (unjust and wrongdoers).”

“Then Satan whispered suggestions to them both in order to uncover that which was hidden from them of their private parts before, he said:” Your Lord did not forbid you this tree save you should become angels or become of the immortals.” Satan swore by Allah to them both saying: “Verily I am one of the sincere well wishers for you both.” So he misled them with deception. Then when they tasted of the tree, that which was hidden from them of their shame (private parts) became manifest to them and they began to stick together the leaves of Paradise over themselves (in order to cover their shame). Their Lord called out to them saying “Did I not forbid you that tree and tell you, Verily Satan is an open enemy unto you?”

They said: “Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves. If You forgive us not, and bestow not upon us Your Mercy, we shall certainly be of the losers.” Allah said: “Get down one of you an enemy to the other (i.e. Adam, Eve, and Satan etc). On earth will be a dwelling place for you and an enjoyment, for a time.” He said: “therein you shall live, and therein you shall die, and from it you shall be brought out (resurrected).” (Chapter 7:11-25 Qur’an)

We imagine when Allah the Almighty decided to create Adam: He addressed His angels and told them to prostrate before him. He did not mean to ask their opinion or take their advice, for He is
above that. Allah the Exalted told them that He was going to create a vicegerent on the earth who would have children and grandchildren who would corrupt the earth and shed each other’s blood. That is why the angels said to Allah the Almighty: “Will You place therein those who will make mischief therein and shed blood!” (Chapter 2:30 Quran).

There are old traditions about the angels before the creation of Adam. According to Ibn Qatadah, it was said that the angels were informed about the creation of Adam and his progency by the jinn who lived before Adam. Abdullah Ibn Umar said that the jinn had existed for about 2000 years before Adam and then shed blood. Therefore Allah sent on them an army of angels that drove them out to the depths of the seas.

Ibn Abi Hatim narrated from Ali jafar Al Baqer that the angels were informed that man would cause wickedness and shed blood on earth. It was also said that they knew that no one would be
created on earth who would not be wicked and shed blood.

Whether or not these traditions are correct, the angels did understand that Allah would create a vicegerent on earth. Allah the Almighty announced that HE was going to create a human being
out of clay, that HE would mould him and blow His spirit into him and then the angels should prostrate before him.

Abi Musa al Sha’arai narrated that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Allah created Adam from a handful of dust taken from different lands, so the children of Adam have
been created according to the composition of the land. Therefore from mankind we have white, red, black and yellow ones; we have good and evil, ease and sorrow, and what comes in between
them.” (Sahih al Bukhari).

Download the book and read more about the Story of Adam (as) and other Prophets in the Stories Of The Prophets By Ibn Kathir

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  2. Rahma says:

    Asalamu Aleykum Brother. JazakhAllah for putting up this story. I just wanted to know and clear this out, was it Eve/Hawa who sinned first and later told Adam, or did they both sin equally? I just want to clear it up, as not to confuse it with traditional or other Christian Biblical stories. Thank you so much! 🙂

    • maverick says:

      Wa alaikum salaam sister. What you will find is that the Qur’an focuses on that information which is beneficial to us and not details that make no difference to us. When you read this book on the Stories of the Prophets (peace be upon them all), you’ll find that Allah Does Not go into who sinned first as this is irrelevant. Both were cast out of the Garden, which shows that both sinned. Who did it first is not something that will benefit us so it is not mentioned in Islamic sources. This is one difference between the truth through Islam and what has come through and possibly distorted over time from Christian sources. Another falsehood is that Shaytaan (iblees) was a fallen angel – this is not the case as he was actually from amongst the Jinn but was in the company of angels. Let me know if there’s any other questions on this topic. Jazakillah khayr

  3. Siddiq says:

    Assalamu alaikum

  4. Afeez Olajide says:

    Salam Alaikum, May Almighty Allah (S.W.T) bless you with this narations. May HE continue to guide and keep us on the straight path. .. Afeez

  5. Mominah Khan says:

    Very nice Sharing…Thanks alot…please keep sharing more…

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