Charity in Islam

Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

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One of the things that makes Islam so great is that Charity (Zakat, Sadaqah etc) is built in as one of the pillars of Islam. Muslims are always getting a raw deal – they are slated in the media and the general public look upon Muslims as ‘terrorists’. This is not the image of Muslims that we want and everyone should be doing something about that because as a Muslim, we ALL give in charity.

Charity in Islam can be anything from a smile to removing something harmful from the road to helping people and giving money and your personal effort and time in charity. These are amazing characteristics that Muslims should be bringing into their daily lives. Being charitable and helping others is one way of showing others that Muslims are good, sincere people who are abiding their lives by the Commands of Allah, which are Perfect and Good for everyone.

Under this section, I will try to show examples of charity and encourage Muslims to be charitable. In doing so, you will… Stand Up 4 Islam!


Rush to Aid East Africa this Ramadan: Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya Drought

  1. Omotosho Ajape says:

    Tell me more about charity in islam, who is to be given? And I want to know whether what our muslim brothers in the north do in the name of begging is good for the good image of islam bcos I hear several negative comments about them which saddens my heart and makes me stop giving them money.They say they leave their parents places to other destinations to read Qur’an but I doubt much if they have time for the Qur’an bcos they spend all their lives begging on the streets, sometimes if u don’t give them they abuse u or throw stones or spit at u. And they form a standby army for feuliing voilence in the north.

    • maverick says:

      Charity is to be given to the poor and needy. Begging isn’t allowed in Islam. You can always give your money to an Islamic charity that is trying to help other Muslims.

  2. Sadaqah says:

    Charity is like a sadqa. Which is so important in our islam. Zakar is a strong pillar of islam. Yes be sure before giving chaarity to anyone who should bbe very poor and he can not do anything because of serious problem. There are rules in islam you can not give charity Or Sadqah to anyone. Thanks for the very nice post.

  3. abdullahi says:

    charity is like sadqa given to the poor peopel that is inportant in islam

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