Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

On May 22nd, Lee Rigby was attacked and killed in Woolwich. The attackers were shot and taken into custody. The wheels of UK justice are in motion. However, that is not enough for people. Instead of waiting for the courts to deliver sentences against the attackers, the public has taken it upon themselves to vent their anger onto innocent Muslims! The public are outraged with the killing of Lee Rigby, seen at large as being an innocent victim – what of the many innocent Muslims who have since been attacked by the public – 150 attacks in 3 days? Where is your justice in those cases? Where is the media and where is the Prime Minister, who made such a sobering and sensitive statement following the death of Lee Rigby?

This is a clear sign that UK society look at Muslims as being the worst of people and have no hesitation in abusing, bullying and oppressing Muslims living peacefully in this country. This is the result of years of victimisation against Muslims in the media, the international war on terror and the rise of fascist and racist movements like the EDL and BNP.

Here are news stories of how the UK has reacted against Muslims, following the death of just one man.

Attacks on Muslims – The Guardian

Woolwich: Rise in Attacks on Muslims – Sky News

Grimsby Mosque targeted by Petrol Bombs – Grimsby Telegraph

Woolwich backlash – Independent

EDL marches on Newcastle as attacks on Muslims increase tenfold – Independent

Rise in anti-Muslim attacks after Woolwich – BBC

Reprisals from Woolwich attack – Channel 4

More arrests as racial tensions run high – London Evening Standard

Murder sparks anti-Muslim backlash – London Evening Standard

Finsbury Park mosque reports verbal attacks – Engage

Parkstone mosque hit by nationwide backlash – Bournemouth University

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