Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

The English Defence League (EDL) – a racist, terrorist and islamophobic activist group, full of thugs and fallouts from society – has been going round the UK, stirring up communities (both Muslim and non-Muslim) and spreading hatred. They came to Bradford on Saturday 28th August, trying to recreate the riots of nine years ago, trying to stir up trouble and leave the city in stress and turmoil. The opposite happened.

The people of Bradford, Muslims and non-Muslims, people from other cities and towns, coming from as far as London and Cardiff and Scotland, showed the EDL where to go. They sent a message to the EDL to leave Bradford alone, leave the Muslims alone, leave the communities alone – there’s no room for hatred in the city! The EDL were outnumbered, Muslim youths did not riot, non-Muslims stood firm as well and EDL were exposed to be racist, bigoted, mindless trash.

The EDL were sent packing from Bradford – a failed campaign! But now they are trying to cause trouble in Leicester on 9th October. These poor souls will just never learn. So we need to continue to send them a message! And keep sending them that message, wherever they go!

Stand up against the EDL and protest – peacefully and do not get drawn in by the hatred spread by the EDL. Have strong slogans against the EDL. Tell them they are not part of a tolerant British Society and have no room here in the UK – so maybe they should leave!

I have written about the EDL before, and yes, they are terrorists – terrorising people, spreading lies against Islam and Muslims, sometimes violently:
English Defence League show their true racist colours in Bradford, UK!
Don’t fall into the English Defence League trap!

There are campaign groups against the EDL, for example ‘United Against Facism’ and ‘Hope Not Hate’. But where is the Muslim campaign?

Oh Muslim Brothers and Sisters! You need to start Standing Up 4 Islam and being more organised in tackling, peacefully, the likes of the English Defence League, the BNP and other haters of Islam and Muslims. Don’t leave the hard work to others – after all, this is YOUR religion and it is YOU who is being targeted, YOUR SISTER who is being targeted, YOUR BROTHER who is being targeted, YOUR PARENTS who are being targeted, YOUR CHILDREN who are being targeted.

If you do not Stand Up 4 Islam and allow this hatred to spread, then you allow people to become brave enough to attack innocents (see my post on 13-year old boys attack Muslim schoolgirl). Is that what you want to allow to happen?

Stand up against those who spread hate against Islam and Muslims! Stand Up 4 Islam!


Here are some links to those who oppose the English Defence League:


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